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Norwegian Institute for Air Research - A leading centre of expertise in questions related to air pollution. Established in 1969, it is an independent foundation specialized in most issues of air pollution on national and international levels. (Language: Norwegian)

New Jersey Department Environmental Protection Bureau of Air Monitoring - Current air quality and forecasts for New Jersey.

NOAA - Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration laboratory research activities are divided into three themes: Air Quality, Emergency Preparedness, and Climate Variability. Each encompasses a number of programs and projects.

National Park Service - AIRWeb - Air quality and visibility in U.S. national parks, refuges, & other protected areas. From National Park Service Air Resources Division and Fish and Wildlife Service Air Quality Branch.

Ozone Transport Commission - States working together to reduce ground-level ozone in the northeastern U.S. Located in Washington, DC.

Denver Vehicle Emissions Testing Program - Describes the mandatory vehicle emissions testing program in the Denver-Boulder area of Colorado, including maps to emissions stations, testing requirements, help for failing vehicles and tips to keep from becoming a gross polluter.

Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA ) - Environmental information including air pollution, hazardous waste, management, regulations, measuring, modeling, emissions, testing, monitoring, modeling, particulate matter, ozone, and brownfields

AIRLinks - U.S. EPA - EPA's Office of Air & Radiation for quick access to "what's new this week," "breaking news," and "hot topic" air & radiation information. Gateway to Air Pollution Information.

State/Local Air Pollution Control Agencies - The State and Territorial Air Pollution Program Administrators (STAPPA) and the Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officials (ALAPCO) are national associations representing air pollution control agencies in the 54 U.S. states/territories and over 150 major metropolitan areas. Site has information and links.

EDF Chemical Scorecard - Toxic Release Inventory data for the US (emissions of toxic chemicals to air and water). Search for data on toxic chemicals in your community. Also provides information on human health effects.

DieselNet: Diesel Emissions Online - Information service on diesel exhaust emissions, emission control technologies, diesel engines, fuels, and related topics.

EHC Air Quality Program - National Safety Councils Environmental Health Center (EHC) conducts a variety of outreach and education activities on air quality issues. Topics include indoor air quality, mobile emissions, and radon.

AIRNOW - U.S. EPA - Provide real-time air pollution data in an understandable, visual format, information about the public health and environmental effects of air pollution, information about ways they can protect their health, and actions to reduce pollution.

Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand - Focus is air quality and the mechanics of air pollution. Information about publications, training courses, conferences, and seminars.

Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium - Provides technical assessments on ozone and other problems of air quality in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Data and modeling reports available online.

Network PM10 - Personally-maintained web site devoted to airborne particulate matter (PM). Links to the sources of information on particulate pollution and more generally air pollution.

Atmospheric Research & Information Centre, - Manchester Metropolitan University's multidisciplinary centre of excellence for the study and resolution of atmospheric pollution issues. United Kingdom.

Automobile Emissions: An Overview - U.S. EPA fact sheet.

National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory - U.S. EPA - Federal Government's principal program to control air pollution from motor vehicles. Primary responsibilities include developing programs to reduce mobile source related air pollution; evaluating emission control technology; testing vehicles, engines, and fuels; and determining compliance with Federal emissions and fuel economy standards.

California Air Resources Board - CA air regulations, CA Almanac of Emissions and Air Quality, air emissions modeling, the gasoline additive MTBE, information on reducing air pollution from marine engines, and management of smoke from agricultural burning.

Cambridge City Air Quality Monitor - Real-time air quality data for Cambridge, England.

Parkland Airshed Management Zone Association - Provides information about the PAMZ, a non-profit multi-stakeholder organization established to manage and monitor air quality issues in central Alberta, Canada.

Canada's Toxic Release Inventory - Information about releases of pollutants into air, water and land. From Environment Canada.

Southern Oxidants Study (SOS) 99 Field Campaign - Research focused on obtaining an improved understanding of the processes that control the formation and distribution of fine particles and ground-level ozone.

Bay Area Air Quality Management District - The BAAQMD (District) is the regional, government agency that regulates sources of air pollution within the nine San Francisco Bay Area Counties.

Green Car - Convince American automakers to produce clean green cars for the 21st century. Send a free postcard and volunteer virtually.

Air Quality Lesson Plans and Data (K-12) - Material designed to provide Texas educators with the background, activities and resources to teach the subject of air quality in the classroom.

Fuel Efficiency Automobile Test Data Center - The site contains vehicle emissions databases and reports remotely collected from in-use vehicles since 1987 from around the world. Data sets include cars, light-trucks, heavy-duty trucks, jet aircraft, locomotives and snowmobiles.

St. Louis Regional Clean Air Partnership - An overview of air pollution in St. Louis including St. Louis ozone forecasts and real-time images of the arch.

Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking -- Las Vegas, Nevada - The Las Vegas Interagency EMPACT Pilot Project will provide public access to clearly communicated, time-relevant, accurate environmental air quality monitoring data on an on-going basis.

Clean Air Canada - Up to date information on air quality issues in Canada. Including environmental law and policy, motor vehicle emissions and industrial sources of pollution. Maintained by students at the Environment Law Centre, University of Victoria.

HowStuffWorks: How Ozone Pollution Works - Illustrated tutorial examines what ozone is, how it is produced, what health hazards it poses, and what people can do to reduce ozone pollution.

SEIPH - Environmental Research Group - Air Quality monitoring networks of London, Bedfordshire, Kent and Hertfordshire in the UK. Near realtime data is available from the site.

Netherlands National Air Quality Monitoring Network - A division of RIVM, National Institute of Public Health and the Environment. Up-to-date, hourly information about air quality in The Netherlands.

U.S. Forest Service Air Quality and Smoke Management Pages - Various materials on air quality and visibility, Forest Service Class I PSD Areas, Integrating Air Quality and Fire Management into Land Management Planning, and smoke and dust from wildland fires.

Title V Policy and Guidance Database - EPA has issued a number of policy and guidance documents that interpret Title V and its regulations. This is a free searchable database which contains EPA-issued policy and guidance documents on air operating permits. You can search the database online or download the database.

The Low Emissions Mission - A free resource for Virginia Vehicle Emissions Inspectors. Includes on-line training, discussions forum, tutorials, and a cartoon archive. Citizens who have failed the emissions inspection can use this site for information on causes and repairs that could lead to a passing emissions result.

Industrial Center's Air Toxics Compliance Consortium - Information on compliance technologies, vendors, and case studies for toxic air pollutants (as defined in U.S. regulations).

Landfill Gas Page - where the landfill gas professionals can meet and exchange experiences on landfill, gas, methane, monitoring, landfill gas, landfill monitoring, gas migration, biogas

US-Canada Air Quality Agreement - US EPA information about this international agreement and monitoring done under the agreement.

Environmental-Expert.Com - Environmental site with large up-to-date section on air pollution.

Environmental - Presents free accessible articles, publications, events, software, technological solutions and web resources for Air Pollution Control.

Urban Transport and Environment - Information and analysis on urban transport and its impact on environment in India. Includes extensive statistics, announcements of conferences and events, and white papers on topics including air pollution in Delhi and vehicle emission control strategies.

Environmental Software and Modelling Group, Technical University of Madrid - Conducts research in measurement and modelling of air quality, including air quality prediction.

State of the Air - The American Lung Association's air quality assessment from 1997 to 1999 with each state's information displayed for counties.

SmogtestLog - This site is a clearinghouse for information related to testing programs on pollutant emissions from mobile sources. It is sponsored by USEPA. It contains a searchable database or mobile source air pollution and air quality studies.

NY Ozone Action Day Program - A pulic/private partnership to help reduce ozone pollution and smog in New York State.

Chicago Department of Environment - Gives information on Chicago's air quality and regional pollution prevention programs.

Air Resources Branch, British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land, and Air Protection - Information on major air quality issues, from local to global, including vehicle emissions, stratospheric ozone depletion, industrial emissions, and particulates. Site hosted by the Air Resources Branch of the Government of British Columbia, Canada.

North American Research Strategy for Tropospheric Ozone Research Initiative - Fact sheet (1997) about joint governmental effort to understand ground-level ozone.