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International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) - An independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the establishment of effective systems for trading in greenhouse gas emissions by businesses.

Pilot Emissons Reduction Trading Project (PERT) - PERT is an industry-led, multi-stakeholder environmental initiative in the Windsor-Quebec corridor that is concerned with evaluating emission reduction trading as a tool to assist in the reduction of smog and the effects of climate change.

coolAction.com - Enables individuals and organizations to purchase greenhouse gas emission reductions to combat global warming and benefit the environment.

eCarbontrade - An independent greenhouse gas trading exchange serving the buyers and sellers of carbon credits. Sponsored by Emissions Credits International (ECI).

Changing the Market Climate for Emissions Trading - An in-depth feature on issues surrounding the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) published by Resources for the Future (RFF).

Agriculture's Role Discussed in Carbon Trading - Farm Bureau News article on the pros and cons of carbon trading for US farmers.

World Bank Research - Global Carbon Trading Initiative research project and contacts.

Clean Air Action Corporation - Helps companies and communities achieve air quality goals by a combination of innovative technologies and emissions trading.

The Carbon Credit Portal - Portal to the greenhouse gas and carbon credit market and discussion forum, for the researcher, the carbon debtor or creditor and the environmentally aware citizen.

Cash for Carbon - Progressive Farmer's article on the potential of carbon trading and sequestration for US farmers as a method of generating income while conserving the environment.

Carbon Trading: A Market Approach to the Environmental Crisis - A press release from EarthNet, published by the Earth Council.

International Carbon Bank and Exchange - Trade carbon credits after registering your car, home, renewable energy source, or other carbon-trading vehicle.

Point Carbon - The Carbon Market Analyst - Aims to become a trusted supplier of decision-support services and market analysis for the emerging carbon market. This includes the newsletter The Carbon Market Analyst. [Requires Flash plugin.]

The Carbon Protocol - The Carbon Protocol is a daily news source that brings together news from all over the world that relates to emission trading.

Climate Safe Products - Reduce the effects of your own carbon dioxide auto emissions by paying for counter-measures.

Clean Air Market Programs: Allowance Data - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's efforts to control air pollution concerns such as acid rain and ground-level ozone through emission caps and market trading of emission allowances.

"What Next From The Federal Government?" - Speech about carbon by Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Rich Rominger given at the Carbon: Exploring The Benefits to Farmers and Society conference in Des Moines, Iowa

The Global Hub for Carbon Commerce - This organization helps to prepare corporations globally to understand and manage the impact of a greenhouse gas constrained future.

Chicago Climate Exchange - The Chicago Climate Exchange is the first U.S. voluntary pilot program for trading of greenhouse gases.  The program has been established through a grant from Chicago-based Joyce Foundation to the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University and is being administered by Environmental Financial Products, LLC. 

U.S. Mexico Border Air Emissions Trading - Dedicated to open discussions regarding air emissions trading in the common air shed in the El Paso del Norte air basin.

Environmental Financial Products, LLC - Develops and trades in new environmental, financial, and commodity markets.

Evolution Markets Brokerage Services - Advisory and brokerage services for coal and environmental markets including emission allowances and emission reduction credits for SO2, NOx, VOC and greenhouse gas.

Carbon Trading: A Greenhouse Opportunity for Industry - Australian Minerals & Energy Environment Foundation explores future possibilities in the carbon trading.

Entico Corporation Ltd - Publishes information products with a main focus on climate change technologies. Secures sponsorship for high-level international organizations, meetings and events.

US Bubbly Over Carbon Trade - Christian Science Monitor article on carbon trading by staff writer Peter N. Spotts.

Firms Climb Toward 'Climate Neutral' - Some of the world's largest corporations, responsible for spewing millions of tons of greenhouse gases into the air, are taking the bold steps to trim their emissions. Article from the Christian Science Monitor.

Carbon_Net - Carbon Net is a national discussion group addressing Carbon Cycle, Global Warming, Sequestering Carbon and Mitigation Banking of Carbon Credits.  

Greenhouse Gas Trade Go-ahead - BBC article stating that the UK's greenhouse gas trading system could save millions of tons of carbon dioxide annually.

US Opposition to Kyoto May Sink Carbon Trading - Financial Times article.

First U.S. Carbon Trading Market Enters Design Phase - The creation of a market for trading carbon-dioxide emissions in the Midwest moved closer to reality as the Joyce Foundation announced a $760,100 grant to fund the design phase of the Chicago Climate Exchange. Environmental News Network article.

Global Climate Change: Market-Based Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gases - Congressional Research Service Report on global climate change and strategies to reduce greenhouse gases. PDF format.

The New Green Game - Newsweek article claiming that tradable allowances for greenhouse gases may one day become the worlds biggest commodities market.

CO2 Trading 2002: The North American Market - International conferences and information about CO2 and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading.

State of Michigan's Air Emission Trading Program - Department of Environmental Quality of the State of Michigan's information on trading including rules, trading registry, trading forms and more.

Cantor Fitzgerald Environmental Brokerage Services - Information about market-based emissions trading programs for CO2, SO2 allowances, RECLAIM, NOx, SOx, greenhouse gases, and other environmental credits. Company provides trading services in several countries, consultation to governments on program design, and advice to industry on making the most of these programs.

CarbonSim Simulations and Software - Developers of green house gas emissions trading platforms, simulations, and software allowing companies to discover the impact of various trading rules. They also install carbon trading and management systems.