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Indoor Air Quality Web Site Links

NYSERDA/EES Indoor Air Quality - State program to promote indoor air quality. Nice downloadable pamphlets on IAQ in the home.

EPA's Indoor Air Quality - Information for homeowner, schools, commercial buildings and environmental professional on indoor air quality. Extensive links to sites.

Building Air Quality's Indoor Air Quality Resource Site. - Expert guidance for providing acceptable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in a commercial building.

The Inside Story - A Guide to Indoor Air Quality - EPA's booklet on IAQ.

Residential Air-Cleaning Devices - A Summary of Available Information - EPA's booklet on indoor air cleaning devices for the home.

American Lung Association report on Air Cleaning Devices - Residential Air Cleaning Devices: Types, Effectiveness, and Health Impact.

Homeowners Candle Soot Damage Discussion Board - This message board is for the discussion of problems associated with candle soot deposition in homes. Exchange of mitigation or clean up techniques, health concerns, identification of brands & types of candles is encouraged.

IAQ Job Line Bulletin Board - Interactive bulletin board for sharing Job Listings & Openings in indoor air quality and Related Fields. Free to posting of openings (for employers) and qualifications (for job-seekers).

California Indoor Air Quality Program - From the California Department of Health Services. Lots of info. Great factsheets: mold, classrooms and air quality, asbestos, hazards of ozone-generating air cleaning devices, selecting an indoor air quality consultant, and more.

EA Group Environmental, Health and Safety Information - Environmental, health and safety information and internet resources. EA Group offers: indoor air quality, regulatory compliance assistance, industrial hygiene consulting and laboratory analysis, PCB sampling and analysis, all phases of asbestos compliance. Mentor Ohio.

Homepage of Professor Richard Corsi - Information about our air quality research program at The University of Texas at Austin.

Indoor Air Quality - Advice on ways to improve the air quality inside your home or place of business.

Smoking and Ventilation Standards - Do ventilation systems remove secondhand smoke from indoor air, or just the odor? Information from Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights.

You Are What You Breathe - A candid discussion of the use of ozone for indoor air purification and state-of-the-art air purifiers.

Sick Building Syndrome and You - Symptoms, hazards, remedies, links to other informative sites and a personal account of the disease.

Indoor Environment Notebook - An expert answers questions related to indoor air pollution, sick building syndrome, irritants and more. Includes a 'question of the week' section.

Healthy Indoor Air for America's Homes - Basic information for consumers on indoor air quality in their homes. Sponsored by US EPA and other organizations.

American Indoor Air Quality Council - A non-profit organization for indoor air quality professionals and technicians. Offers IAQ training and certification.

Residential Indoor Air Quality - Comprehensive guide. Pollutants and their sources are identified along with known health effects, exposure guidelines and pollutant control strategies.

Risk Management Internet Services - Indoor Air - Providing paid subscribers with a directory of indoor air quality materials on subjects including sick building syndrome and legionella.

Coalition for Healthy Air in Michigan Public and Private Schools - Promoting awareness, education, and resources for healthy indoor air quality in schools. Organization information and information and links about IAQ.

Mold, Mildew, Fungus and Other Indoor Quality Problems - Provides links to resources that "provide information on maintaining good indoor air quality and eliminating problems associated with mold and mildew."

Indoor Pollutants - U.S. National Research Council report 1981

Indoor Air Quality - Tata Energy Research Institute - Information and analysis on indoor air quality in India and other developing countries including indoor air quality in commercial buildings, biomass cooking fuels, and in-vehicle exposure.

International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate - Non-profit organization whose purpose is to address indoor air quality. Founded in 1992 by 109 international scientists.

IAQ List - Mailing list discusses issues and concerns regarding "Indoor Air Quality" including the identifcation and mitigation of contaminants.

Smoking and Indoor Air Quality - Health Canada factsheet. "Indoor air can become contaminated from many sources, but the most harmful and widespread contaminant of indoor air is tobacco smoke."

ACDoctor - Indoor Air Quality in Your Home - About identifying, preventing and correcting IAQ problems in residential settings. Commercial site.

Consumer Information: Reducing Indoor Air Pollution - Brochure covers sources of indoor air pollution and what you can do about each source.

CEC Consultants, Inc. - Indoor Air Quality FAQ - Introduction to IAQ and sick building syndrome.