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Air Perfect Cleaning Services - A Greenwood, SC based cleaning firm. Also providing air filters, foundation vents and allergen bedding.

Suvair Limited - Offers a system to purify airflow using a combination of UVGI and dynamic prefiltration methods. UK based.

Aget Manufacturing Company - Offers information about industrial dust collectors, mist collectors, cyclones and air filters.

Access Air - Provides information about air filters and air quality. Offers on-location consulting in the UK.

Advanced Filtration Concepts - High efficiency, low resistance air filters for commercial applications are featured.

Solar Air - In-duct germ control via low wattage ultraviolet quartz lamps is discussed.

Miljoburken - Provides information about a Swedish firm that makes air cleaning devices and filters.

Precipitator Parts - Offers aftermarket replacement parts for industrial electrostatic precipitators. - Provides answers to your heating, cooling and indoor air quality questions.

Quality Air Specialists, Inc. - Provides information about this authorized full service distributor for Honeywell commercial air cleaners based in New Jersey.

Purification of Air Techniques - Offers information about air purification products and services.

Collectors and Filters, Inc. - Features the Aget Manufacturing representative in the Indianapolis area. Air filters, exhausters, and vents for manufacturing businesses are discussed.

MRAD Inc. - Whole building ultraviolet HVAC air disinfection systems.

Cadillac Vacuum - Offers information about vacuums including uprights, canisters, and central systems as well as air cleaners, furnace filters and allergy bedding.

Patent Filtration Ltd - Offers a range of domestic and industrial air cleaning machines with a range of specialist filters. Available in English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano and Espanol.

Campbell Environmental Systems - Sells HEPA air filters and vacuum cleaners as well as water filters and water vending machines.

UV Air Solutions - Manufactures whole-house ultraviolet air disinfection equipment to address allergy causing mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses.

American Lung Association: Ozone Generators - Read about the health problems associated with using ozone to clean indoor air.

Net Filters - Offers whole-house filters in both standard and non-standard sizes. - Provides air filters, foundation vents, and allergen bedding as well as dust cleaning services.

Aria PureAir Ltd. - Manufacturer of an air cleaner system using an iodinated resin filter, as well as carbon and zeolite.

Air Savers Inc - Offers an air cleaner system that place the intake away from the output.

Cal Sun Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. - Features this manufacturer of air ionizer designed for vehicles.

Air Life Environmental Products - Sells and describes air cleaners that employ UV light and ozone.

Midwest Air Filter, Inc. - Specializes in air filtration products that are related to the HVAC, indoor air quality, and dust collection markets. Offers online live chat with a certified air filtration expert.

Northern Lights Technology - Features air sterilization systems designed to eliminate contaminated air particles in a safe and efficient manner.

AirSick - Offers whole house are filters and purifiers. Based in Canada.

SCO Medallion Healthy Homes Ltd. - Features a technology that controls or eliminates indoor air pollution via ozone shock treatments. Presents opportunities for dealerships.

General Innovations and Goods, Inc. - Features the Creon 2000 patented ultra violet air disinfection system destroys microbes in indoor air.