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Assay Technology - Provides air sampling equipment and accredited lab services for chemical exposure monitoring in workplaces. Manufactures diffusive samplers.

AIRxpert Systems, Inc. - Read about a continuous, multi-point, multi-parameter monitoring system that is specifically designed to diagnose and document ventilation effectiveness in large buildings.

Abbey Lane Laboratory - Provides home test kits for mold identification; sick building syndrome analysis; mold identification and contamination control; astm and mil-specs for fungal resistance.

Air Diagnostics and Engineering Inc. - Offers products and services related to aerosol science, including indoor air quality sampling equipment.

W.E. Kuriger Associates - Offers carbon monoxide alarms, smoke alarms, radon in air and radon in water test kits, carbon dioxide detectors, oxygen detectors, and aeration systems for reducing pollutants.

SKC Ltd - Provides air smpling pumps, calibrators, sorbent tubes, and filters as well as training in COSHH compliance and occupational hygiene monitoring.

Clean Air Solutions Limited - Specialists in the field of validating clean air environments. Also manufacture, design, install and commission downflow containment booths.

EMSL Analytical Inc. - Indoor air quality testing, mold & sporecounts and identifications, dust mites, asbestos, lead, silica, particle identification and sick building sydromes testing for indoor air quality problems

Safe Home Products, Inc. - Offers carbon monoxide, combustible gas, radon, asthma/allergy trigger detectors and airpurifiers for the home environment.

Microclean air quality testing environmental services - Indoor air quality testing: airborne fiber sampling, site evaluations, engineering services, sick building syndrome diagnosis, air filtration equipment, duct cleaning, and sanitizing.

Microbial Environment, Inc. - Indoor Air Quality testing, mold spore count and identification, dust mites, allergy control, environmental products.

Senco Sensors Inc. - Features residential carbon monoxide detectors.

PureChoice Inc. - Offers an indoor air quality environmental monitoring service. Includes a comprehensive view of indoor air quality (IAQ) science, information on IAQ issues such as sick building syndrome and air pollution legislation, indoor air quality news and other IAQ resources.

Galson Laboratories - A full air sampling service for industrial hygiene. AIHA accredited laboratory since 1976.

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions, Ltd - Manufacturers of Indoor Air Quality sensing equipment. Solving IAQ, HVAC, industrial hygiene, facility management and other indoor environmental measurement applications.

Radal Technology Ltd. - Supports no smoking policies in educational and industrial buildings with the Cig-Arrete anti smoking alarm.

Aerotech Laboratories, Inc. - Read about this Indoor Air Quality analytical laboratory that specializes in microbiological and chemical parameters.

Exposure Control Technologies, Inc. - An industrial hygiene engineering firm that specializes in laboratory planning, safety and design, ASHRAE 110 fume hood testing, industrial ventilation, and indoor air quality.

Air Quality Sciences, Inc. - Experts on IAQ, toxic emissions from indoor products, mold, VOCs and allergen exposure in buildings.

Pure Air Control Services Inc. - An indoor environmental diagnostic, laboratory and HVAC/Microbial remediation firm. We provide building air quality evaluations and IAQ screen test kits.

Quantum Group, Inc. - Offers carbon monoxide detectors and smog alarms for auto, RV and truck safety.

Moldlab - An industrial hygiene laboratory specializing in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) analysis for toxic mold, fungus, and other allergens and bioaerosols. Offers a special section for individual home testing and inspection.

PSE - Features environmental measuring instruments including PC hosted virtual instruments, data loggers, shielding materials, special electronics. Based in Germany.

Flappan Consulting, Inc. - Features a do-it-yourself test kit to confirm or rule out mold contaminants, identify major types, and determine their extent.

BBJ Environmental Solutions - Conducts research on the causes of biologically related indoor air contamination problems, and develops solutions for these causes.