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Radon Mitigation Services - Radon mitigation contractors of residential and commercial properties in Florida. US EPA Listed, NEHA Certified, Florida State Certified. Information on radon and mitigation methods, related links.

Infiltec Radon Mitigation Supplies - Helping do-it-yourselfers and builders solve radon problems. Sell radon fans, piping, and test kits. Provide phone assistance.

Protech Environmental Services - Maps, links, practical info on environmental issues from Michigan's largest and oldest radon & lead company. Radon testing and fixing, primarily in the context of a home sale. - This site sells components for do-it-yourself radon mitigation systems nationwide.

Aegis Radon - Provides a complete range of radon-related services in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, measurement, mitigation, education and consultation, to protect health and property values.

Radon and Water Control Systems - Provides radon reduction services and products for both airborne and waterborne radon, consulting, design and installation services, detection products. Located in Connecticut, markets nationwide.

Radon Mitigation & Waterproofing Concrete Sealer - Spray on RadonSeal penetrating sealer against water, dampness, radon, mold and mildew. Basement remodeling, waterproofing, mold remediation, and radon mitigation in one!

Pro-Lab - Markets radon testing kits for water and air. Though you cannot see, smell or taste radon, it is there and may be a problem in your home or office.

National Radon Safety Board - Providing independent certification, approval and accreditation for radon testers, mitigators, measurement devices, calibration chambers and radon laboratories.

Safe Home Products - Sells digital plug-in radon detector with an audible buzzer warning for continuous monitoring of homes. Provides 7-day and long-term radon readings.

APA Lab - Sells radon test kits with high volume of charcoal for increased accuracy and provides certified analysis in its laboratory. Information and testing procedures.

Associated Radon Services - Radon testing, measurement and reduction programs for all size facilities, including apartments and commercial properties. Radon risk and liability consultants. Located in Florida.

AirChek Radon Test Kits - Radon test kits widely used by homeowners for testing air, water and open land. Radon Information Center. Radon levels by state based on actual test results. Extensive radon links.

Lueder Construction Company - Lueder is a State and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified radon measuring and mitigation contractor located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Radalink Telemonitor - Manufactures a continuous radon monitor for professionals. Uses pulsed ion detectors to count alpha particles. Training for inspectors. Testing network includes thousands of inspectors in the US.

Radon Supplies NA - Distributor and manufacturer of radon mitigation supplies, fans, pipe accessories.

Radon Reduction Service - Buzzano Conracting provides both air and water radon mitigation in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Rad Elec - EPERM Detectors - Manufactures Passive Integrating Electret Ionization Chambers for measuring ionizing radiation (alpha, beta, gamma, neutrons) and radioactive gases (radon, thoron). Mainly for professionals.

Radon Home Measurement and Mitigation - Provides radon testing in indoor air and water, and mitigation in the Ft. Collins (CO), Laramie and Cheyenne (WY) areas. NEHA certified. Information about radon and radon mitigation.

EPA: Radon Mitigation Standards (RMS) - EPA Publication (1994) provides uniform design and installation standards to radon mitigation contractors for residential buildings three stories or less in height.

Radon Detection Systems - A nationwide environmental inspection firm headquartered in Colorado. Performs tests for radon, lead, asbestos, formaldehyde, electromagnetic fields and underground storage tank leaks.

Benner GeoTech - Radon mitigation services for the Baltimore/Washington, DC area.

Pylon Electronics Nuclear Instruments - Canadian designer and manufacturer of radon and thoron measurement systems, sources & standards.

Radon Specialties - A radon mitigation company serving Cincinnati,Oh.& N.Kentucky since 1987. Site contains various pictures of installed radon systems. Flash and Sound.

NEHA - National Radon Proficiency Program - Nationwide list of certified radon measurement or mitigation professionals. Administers the national certification program.

Radon Mitigation Solutions - Provides radon testing and mitigation services in upstate SC, Western NC and Northeast GA.

Gemmill Labs - Professional radon certification training and education, radon instrument calibration, nuclear science and radon consulting services.

RadonAway - Radon gas mitigation fans and other exhaust fans. Located in Massachusetts.

National Safety Products - Charcoal canister radon test kits. Information and maps. Every year thousands of families are torn apart by the harmful effects of radon.

Radon Testing Kits for Home Inspectors - Radiation Data manufacturers canisters and supplies radon test kits and laboratory analysis to home inspectors nationwide. Licensed mitigation contractor in New Jersey. Waterprofing and sunroom additions. - Provides radon measurement, mitigation and home inspection in Iowa and Illinois. Serves home buyers and real estate agents.

Radon Testing Services for Southern California - Providing Radon testing services in the Southern California area since 1991. Certified through the National Environmental Health Association and State of California.

Radon Environmental Services of Indiana - Indiana certified radon testing and mitigation contractor. Fixing radon problems in Indiana homes and businesses since 1988.

Radon Science - Provides health inspections and remediation, including radon testing and mitigation. Based in Ohio.

Radon - Information on radon gas and its heath risks, radon testing and removal from homes. Offers EPA-approved test kits from REM for air or water.

Radon Mitigation Contractors in NJ - Things to look for when selecting a contractor. Includes a list of radon mitigation businesses certified in New Jersey.

Radon Ventilation Services, Inc. - We provide radon testing and radon mitigation, serving the southwestern Pennsylvania area.

Rock-Well Environmental, Inc. - Radon testing and mitigation systems in New Jersey.

Stirling Technology, Inc - Produces energy recovery ventilators(RecoupAerator®s) that may provide the level of remediation needed to mitigate a radon problem in the home.

EPA: Radon Resistant New Construction - Radon information plus testing homes for radon, reducing elevated levels when they are found, and building new homes with radon-resistant features.

Free Radon Test Kits - Radon test kits for do it yourself radon testing at unbeatable prices. You can even get one for free.

Radon Testing & Mitigation Supplies - Supplies for existing homes,commercial buildings and new construction featuring the KTA-150 low voltage system and Soil Gas Collector Mat.

Radon Fix It Program - Educates consumers on the health effects of radon, radon testing, and mitigation. From the Consumer Federation of America Foundation.

New England Radon Control - VT & NH - NERC handles all aspects of mitigation from inspection, system design, installation, and post mitigating testing. Mitigated hundreds of homes in the Northeast since 1994.