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Agricultural Biodiversity for Food and Livelihood Security - UK Agricultural Biodiversity Coalition website. Comprehensive coverage of all issues concerning agricultural biodiversity's sustainable and equitable use, conservation, intellectual property, genetic engineering and governance. Principal CSO resource on the International Seed Treaty (ITPGRFA).

ETC group (formerly RAFI) - Action group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration. Very relevant site of influential CSO, which contains full texts of key papers, commentaries, cartoons on issues of governance and use of agricultural biodiversity, biotechnology, genomics, nanotechnology and other emerging technologies, as well as corporate control, intellectual property and related issues.

CGIAR Agricultural Biodiversity Centre - IPGRI, the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute, is the CGIAR international agricultural research centre mandated to work on the conservation and sustainable use of agricultural biodiversity. Website covers all practical and policy aspects - many downloadable publications.

Gender, Biodiversity and Local Knowledge Systems - The LinKS (Local indigenous Knowledge Systems) a regional effort in southern and East Africa aimed at valuing men and womens local knowledge on the use and management of agricultural biodiversity. Publications and other information about the project and its results.

Monitoring Institute for Rare Breeds and Seeds in Europe - Research into agricultural biodiversity of extinct and live populations of rare breeds and cultivated plants in Europe

Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN) - An international non-governmental organisation which promotes the sustainable management and use of agricultural biodiversity based on people's control over genetic resources and local knowledge. Extensive relevant information; links to Growing Diversity project results, workshops etc.

Safeguard for Agricultural Varieties in Europe - SAVE is a European umbrella organization for the promotion and coordination of activities for the conservation of endangered breeds of domestic animals and cultivated plant varieties in the form of live populations. Site includes background to organisation, project reports and links to many European NGOs.

Agricultural Biodiversity under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) - Documentation on the implementation of the CBD's Agricultural Biodiversity work programme (COP Decisions III/11, IV/6, V/5)

Agricultural Biodiversity under the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) - Website provides full access to all relevant FAO documents on the conservation and sustainable use of Biological Diversity for Food and Agriculture - genetic, species and ecosystems: programmes, plans, treaties, conventions.

People, Land Management and Environmental Change - Sustainable and participatory approaches to conservation of agricultural biodiversity within smallholder farmers' agricultural systems, and in participation with farmers.

Navdanya Movement of the Research Foundation for Science,Technology and Ecology - A programme to conserve agricultural biodiversity; places farmers at the center of conservation and empowers them to take control over the political, ecological and economic aspects of agriculture.

CBDC: Community Biodiversity Development and Conservation Programme - Global initiative to strengthen the ongoing work of farming communities in conserving and developing the agricultural biodiversity that is vital to their livelihoods and food security.

Managing Agricultural Biodiversity in Rural Areas - BMZ/GTZ programme is supporting agricultural biodiversity projects in partner countries as part of their implemention of Agenda 21, CBD and the FAO Global Plan of Action.

Food Crops and Biodiversity - World Resources Institute's paper from WRI's Biodiversity and Protected Areas program provides useful introduction to agricultural biodiversity issues and links to related papers on genetic diversity etc.

Sustaining Local Food Systems, Agricultural Biodiversity and Local Livelihoods - An IIED programme identifying ways to strengthen farmer and producer organisation capacities for the adaptive management of agricultural biodiversity and enhancing its multiple functions, leading to policy and governance recommendations.

Farmers' Rights Information Service - Supporting agricultural biodiversity conservation and sustainable and equitable planning for implementing "Agricultural biodiversity for Sustainable Food and Livelihood Security" programmes that increase collective strength and generate international support

FAO Soil Biodiversity Portal - Includes a framework under which soil biodiversity can be assessed, managed and conserved with pointers to research, capacity building and policy and programme development needs. Case studies and full information.

Belgian Clearing House: Agricultural Biodiversity - Useful links to Belgian institutes' websites on agricultural biodiversity, to the Agris database on Belgian livestock breeds, as well as links to relevant international organisations.

Dutch Clearing House on Agricultural Biodiversity - This page is part of Biodiversity Web, a clearing-house on all dimensions of biodiversity, its evolution and ecology, human impacts, structural factors and material processes of biodiversity loss and the legal protection of biodiversity.

Swedish Clearing House on Agricultural Biodiversity - Website covers all aspects of agricultural biodiversity in Sweden including environmental status and threats, legislation and policy, authorities and organisations, measures and activities and research and monitoring.

Human Nature: Agricultural Biodiversity and Farm-Based Food Security - [PDF] This 1996 book provides a comprehensive introduction to agricultural biodiversity, with chapters on each major sector: crop genetic resources, farm animal diversity, fish and aquatic life, forests, soil biodiversity and microbial genetic resources. Concludes with discussion of policy issues.

ODI Seeds and Crop Diversity Programme - Catalogue of publications focused on maintenance and enhancement of crop genetic resources and agricultural biodiversity through farmer participation; policy, planning and institutional changes necessary for seed security.

Sustainable Production and Conservation of Agricultural Biodiversity in Traditional Systems - Paper by Villarroel(2002), for the UNEP Mountain Forum, analyses high mountain ecological productive rationality. Includes case study on "Mountain Tourism, and the Conservation of Biological and Cultural Diversity".

Australian Clearing House on Agricultural Biodiversity - Site provides current, and a link to a selection of archived, papers refering to agricultural biodiversity, many of which are re-posted from the CBD.