Domestic Animal Diversity
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LIFE: Local Livestock For Empowerment of Rural People - A movement supporting rural communities through the conservation and development of indigenous livestock breeds - "domestic animal diversity" - a most neglected and threatened component of agricultural biodiversity

Rare Breeds Survival Trust - Founded in 1973 to conserve Britain's native livestock heritage - and since then, no breed of British farm animal has become extinct

Rare Breeds International (RBI) - The only international non-governmental organisation (NGO) that aims to prevent the loss of diversity in global farm animal genetic resources (AnGR) through encouraging and supporting relevant activities and research by NGOs and governments

Domestic Animal Diversity Information Service - DAD-IS is the key communication and information tool for implementing the FAO Global Strategy for the Management of Farm Animal Genetic Resources (AnGR)

International Livestock Research Institute - genetics and genomics programme - Documenting genetic diversity among indigenous livestock breeds of developing countries, fostering conservation of indigenous breeds, identifying disease-controlling genes and designing breeding programmes to improve productivity in low-input environments

Arreton Rare Breeds - Website offers information on specific British Isles rare breeds: Irish Moiled and White Park Cattle, Wensleydale and White Face Woodland Sheep and Cleveland Bay Horses.

Irish Moiled cattle society - Information about this rarest traditional, dual purpose, hardy Irish breed of ancient lineage. Breed history and characteristics and current details of all registered Irish Moiled cattle and their breeders.

Loss of Domestic Animal Diversity - Paper identifies factors and pressures responsible for declining genetic diversity of livestock: destruction of the native habitats; increasing genetic uniformity; farmer and/or consumer preferences; and proposes responses. Useful FAO references in paper and the rest of this livestock and environment site.

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy - A North Carolina-based nonprofit membership organization founded in 1977, working to protect nearly 100 breeds of domestic livestock and waterfowl. Site includes research and educational resources, publications, posters and events.

Kelmscott Rare Breeds Foundation - Aims to reverse the decline of agricultural biodiversity through conservation breeding of rare and endangered domestic livestock and a public education programme. Site includes educational materials, events calendar and livecam on the farm.

Rare Breeds Canada - Protects endangered livestock and poultry through preservation and promotion. Information on the Priority Breeds List; bookstore for ordering rare breed books and posters; farm profiles; member links and a Rare Breeder's Directory.

Rare Breed of Australia - This organisation the amalgamation of the Australian Rare and Minority Breeds Association and Rare Breeds Victoria. Site has breed profiles, events calendar, newsletter and educational project details.

EAAP Animal Genetic Data Bank - Comprehensive site of the European Association for Animal Production (EAAP) covering the status of animal breeds in the 46 member countries in Europe. Full datasets on all breeds. Contact details of National Coordinators.