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Agricultural Biodiversity and Livelihoods: Issues and Entry Points for Development Agencies - [PDF] Report reviews policy issues concerning the maintenance and development of agricultural biodiversity in farming systems emphasising need for greater involvement of farmers and their communities.

Wild Relatives: In Situ Conservation of Crop Wild Relatives in Natural Ecosystems - Conducts programs to maintain and enhance the in situ conservation of 'wild' relatives of crop plants. Program profiles and reports on inventories and conservation projects in China, Turkey, India, and other areas.

Using Diversity: Enhancing and Maintaining Genetic Resources On-Farm - Exploring the common ground between conservation of threatened, farmer-developed varieties and the breeding and selection of new cultivars.

In Situ Conservation of Agricultural Biodiversity - The maintenance of the diversity present in and among populations of the many species used directly in agriculture, or used as sources of genes, in habitats where such diversity arose and continues to grow.

On-Farm Conservation: A Global Project - In situ conservation of crop plants involves the conservation on-farm of local crop cultivars (or landraces) with the active participation of farmers. IPGRI documentation.

A Training Guide for In Situ Conservation On-farm - Aims to give national programs basic technical skills and tools to build institutional capacity and partnerships to implement an on-farm conservation program. PDF or MS Word formats.