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UK: HDRA Heritage Seed Library - Aims to conserve and make available vegetable varieties that have been dropped from popular seed catalogues as well as some landraces and a large number of family heirloom varieties that have never been in a catalogue.

UK: Primal Seeds Network - Activist network engaged in protecting agricultural biodiversity and creating local food security

USA: Seed Savers Exchange - SSE is saving heirloom garden seeds from extinction that gardeners and farmers brought to North America when their families immigrated, as well as traditional varieties grown by Native Americans, Mennonites and Amish. Information, links and catalogues on website.

Australia: The Seed Savers Network - Promoting and organising the preservation, free distribution and exchange of open-pollinated seeds.

Canada: Seeds of Diversity - Canada's Heritage Seed Program - a non-profit group of gardeners who save seeds from rare and unusual garden plants for the purpose of preserving varieties in a living gene bank

USA: Eastern Native Seed Conservancy - Information about collecting and preserving cultivated food plants, endemic or acclimatised to Massachusetts and New England. Conservation and regional exchange by seed savers (CRESS), native seeds and other projects described.

USA: Garden State Heirloom Seed Society - Articles, events and historical seed catalogues for New Jersey gardeners, farmers and avocational historians. GSHSS works with living history farms, sites and museums providing seeds appropriate for the era they portray.

Aotearoa New Zealand: Seed Savers (SSANZ) - Established to facilitate and share information and seeds between regional seed saving groups which maintain and strengthen the agricultural biodiversity of open pollinated, non-genetically engineered plant varieties in New Zealand

Seedsaving and Seedsavers' Resources - Comprehensive directory of web resources on seed saving - includes a section on books on seedsaving

UK: Plants for a Future - A resource centre for rare and unusual plants, particularly those which have edible, medicinal or other uses

USA: Farmer Cooperative Genome Project - Introduction to California-based FCGP. Background and guide to techniques that will enable gardeners and farmers to participate in plant conservation and develop varieties of plants appropriate for regional conditions.

USA: Abundant Life Seed Foundation - Resources for Washington State seed savers and for international distribution of open-pollinated (non-hybrid) seeds. Newsletters, seed savers forum and information on events.

Canada: Comox Valley Growers & Seed Savers - Information about events, seed saving workshops and other activities of British Columbia-based organisation that organises "Seedy Saturdays" for seed exchanges.

USA: Spotlight on Seed Saving - This page links to 12 of the most effective seed saving efforts around the world. It is part of World Hunger Year's program to identify organizations which create self-reliance, economic justice and food security.

USA: Southern Heirloom Seeds and Memories - Website describes activities at University of Georgia that conserve the legacy of seeds and knowledge unique to the ethnic groups (inc. Vietnamese) and bioregions of the southern United States. Seed swap information posted.

Irish Seed Savers Association - A voluntary organisation dedicated to the location and preservation of traditional varieties of grains, fruits and vegetables. Site has current seed lists and project information.

Australia: Heritage Seed Curators Australia (HSCA) - Site dedicated to preserving Australia's horticultural and garden heritage and advocating against corporate forces that are eroding this diversity. Seed lists, inventory, issues and membership details.