Genetic Biodiversity
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Genetic Diversity - The variation within species which allows populations to adapt to changes in climate and other local environmental conditions.

International Plant Genetic Resources Institute - An international non-profit organization devoted to the conservation and promotion of agricultural biodiversity. Site includes information about genetic resources conservation and use.

The Centre for Plant Conservation Genetics - Applies molecular biology techniques to the conservation and exploitation of plant genetic resources.

A General Discussion on the Conservation and Sustainable Development of Crop Genetic Resources - A group paper submitted by Ann Marie Kennedy, Derek Kauneckis, Susan Borowitz and Karri Winn in March 1997.

Host Plant Resistance and Conservation of Genetic Diversity - Conserving agricultural genetic diversity.

Inquiries into Conservation Genetics - Created as course work by students studying conservation genetics in Biology.

Introduction to Conservation Genetics - Overview for a text book for undergraduate and graduate students on the genetic principles and practices involved in conservation.

The Audubon Nature Institute's Research Center - Research programs including studies in reproductive physiology, endocrinology, genetics, embryo transfer, and the expansion of a "frozen zoo" to assure the future of endangered species through the banking of genetic materials.