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Spider Conservation - Information about the threats to US spiders and their conservation.

Invertebrate Conservation Biology - Understanding and protecting insects.

Spider Conservation - Promoting awareness of the issues related to spider conservation including threats to spider diversity, current conservation actions, and challenges in protecting spiders and their habitats.

Insect Conservation and the UK - Giving information on the biodiversity action plans and links to sites with biodiversity information.

Amateur Entomologists' Society - Conservation issues are dealt with by the Society's Conservation Committee. The Society produces three issues of Invertebrate Conservation News per year and has published the Habitat Conservation for Insects - a Neglected Green Issue.

Environmental Entomology - Invertebrate and freshwater macroinvertebrate surveys and databases, environmental impact assessments and invertebrate conservation

Collembola - A list of references for research on Collembola from 1995 to date.

Invertebrate Conservation Research Centre - University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, established in 1992, aiming to undertake research that directly enhances the continued survival of invertebrates, especially insects.

Beetle Conservation - Threats to the survival of beetles and their conservation in Taiwan.

Collembola - Information about the invertebrate group.

Coleopterists Society - An international organization devoted to the study of systematics, biology and conservation of beetles.