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The North American Bat Working Groups - Uniting the Mexico Bat Working Group, Northeastern Bat Working Group, Southeastern Bat Diversity Network and the Western Bat Working Group to protect North American bats and their habitats.

Bat Conservation Trust - The UK's only organisation solely devoted to the conservation of bats and their habitats. It is a highly respected and established organisation combining the strengths of professionals and amateur experts.

Eurobats - The EUROBATS Secretariat administers the European Bat Agreement and is active in international media, and sponsoring of national and international events.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust - Information about bats, bat conservation and rehabilitation of bats in Cornwall.

Bat Conservation and Management - Research, supply, and install bat house products. Also bat exclusions, bat control, cave/mine gating, harp/mist net surveys, & Indiana bat management

Bat Conservation - Bat education, research and conservation by Organization for Bat Conservation.

Bat Conservation Society of Oklahoma - BCSO serves as an information clearinghouse for bat conservation activities within the state of Oklahoma and also provides educational resources for the general public, government agencies, civic organizations, schools and other interested groups.

Missouri Bat Caves - Care and Maintenance of the Missouri Bat Caves.

Protect Bats from Extinction - Explains why we should try to protect bats from extinction and gives links to other relevant sites.

Bats Species Action Plan - Gives the status of bats in the Birmingham and Black Country, the factors affecting the bat population and the action to be taken to conserve the populations.

The Action Plan for Australian Bats - Reviews the conservation status of 90 taxa of Australian bats.

Horseshoe bat research and conservation - A forum to disseminate information about Rhinolophus euryale and conservation projects.