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African Elephant Conservation Trust - The goal of the African Elephant Conservation Trust is the successful conservation of Africa's elephants within the context of human needs and pressures.

Center for Elephant Conservation - Providing a superior environment for Asian elephant conservation, breeding, scientific study, and retirement.

Elephant research in mozambique - Conclusions drawn by the ecologists of the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo undertaking research in the Maputo Elephant Reserve, Southern Mozambique.

Save The Elephants - Securing a future for elephants and sustaining the beauty and ecological integrity of the places where they live.

Living With Elephants Foundation - Resolving the conflict between the African elephant and people through research, education, community outreach and tourism programs.

Conserving Africa's Elephants - The conservation and management of the African elephant requires skills and strategies that deal with its populations in both protected and unprotected areas throughout its range. The increase in the proximity of human populations, and the expansion of their activities into the elephant's range, is increasingly affecting the welfare of the species and its habitat.

National Elephant Symposium - Information on research and the conflicts between elephants and humans.

The Elephants of Cameroon - Tracking and studying elephants in northern Cameroon, to prevent poaching and conserve the elephant population..

Elephant Threats - Although poaching of elephants for their ivory has declined since the 1989 "ivory ban", it remains a widespread a threat along with the reduction in available habitat due to theexpanding human population.

Worldwide elephant conservation societies - A list of societies dedicated to elephant conservation around the world.