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Snub Nosed Monkey - Rhinopithecus bieti, one of the most endangered mammal species in the world, live at higher altitudes than any other non-human primate in Yunnan Province and Tibet.

Cercopan Primate Sanctuary - Provides sanctuary and rehabilitation to more than 60 individuals of six species.

Primates Online - The Primate Conservation and Welfare Society.

American Society of Primatologists - The conservation mission of the Society is: to establish liaison between the Society, conservation groups, and research resources development agencies, provide information on the status of wild populations of nonhuman primates, monitor primate trade, research the success of captive breeding programs and enactment of legislation aimed at conservation of nonhuman primates.

Primate Conservation Inc - Learn more about how to protect endangered monkeys, apes, lemurs and lorises from extinction.

The Douc Langur Project - Douc Langurs (Pygathrix nemaeus) are colobine monkeys found most frequently in the primary evergreen forests of Vietnam and Laos. Despite efforts by local , provincial and state authorities, little or no effective protection of the endangered Douc Langur population exists at the present time.

The Simian Society of America - A non-profit organization founded in 1957 to improve the welfare of primates in captivity.

Gorilla Haven - The Dewar Wildlife Trust's Gorilla Haven Project offers a sanctuary for gorillas in the North Georgia Mountains and supports in-situ conservation efforts in Africa to help fight the bushmeat trade.

International Primate Protection League - Founded in 1973 and since this time, has been working for the well-being of primates.

Orangutan Foundation International - Committed to helping the orangutan through wildlife research, rainforest preservation, conservation and education.

Primate Society of Great Britain - Founded in 1967 to promote research into all aspects of primate biology, conservation and management.

Mountain Gorilla Protection - The purpose of this project is to provide a digitized database of the mountain gorilla habitat. The database will include layers of information that contain vegetation patterns, gorilla ranging and human use of gorilla habitat.

Sumatran Orangutan Society - Information about the Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii), the threat to their survival and membership details.

Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Program - Information about the species and programs to aid in its recovery through captive breeding and efforts in the wild.