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Alcoa Frog Watch - Dedicated to the conservation of frogs in southwestern Western Australia.

Bog Frog - Frogs are often among the first to "croak" when ecology is upset, they act as an indicator species for the health of the ecosystem.

Deformed Frogs in Minnesota - The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency are studying deformed frogs to determine the cause of the deformities.

Frogs and Toads - A description of frogs and toads found in Tennessee.

Frogs - An overview on the decline and conservation of frogs in Australia.

Missouri's Toads and Frogs - Missouri toads and frogs are colorful, harmless, vocal and valuable. Our forests, prairies, rivers, swamps and marshes are home to a multitude of toads and frogs, but few people know how many varieties we have, how to tell them apart, or much about their natural history.

Westward Frog - While there is no established cause of amphibian decline, there are many factors known to be potentially detrimental. Here we provide bibliographies for those interested in learning more about these factors. When possible, technical and/or literature reviews are also included.

Northern Leopard Frog - A description of the leopard frog [Rana pipiens].

National Zoo Frog Project - Raising the profile of current frog conservation activities and needs on a national level is the primary aim for the community awareness component of the National Zoo Frog Project. It will be accomplished by tapping into and enhancing existing programs, as well as by establishing a range of new programs that can be delivered through zoos on a national level.

Hop to It - Irish frog survey organised by the Irish Peatland Conservation Council to find out more about the status of the frog in Ireland.

The Minnesota New Country School Frog Project - Deals with the problem of deformed frogs in local ponds.

Wetland Science Institute - The use of constructed wetlands in agricultural environments as breeding habitat for frogs.