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Biodiversity Assessment Programme - World Conservation Monitoring Centre - Supports policy and action for the conservation and sustainable management of biological diversity, by providing integrated information on status, trends, distribution and use.

Assessing Biodiversity Status and Sustainability - Outlines some approaches to assessment of the status of national biodiversity and the sustainability of its use, focussing mainly on developing nations. (FTP site).

Biodiversity and Worldmap - Measuring biodiversity value & selecting priority areas for conservation. Extensive resource on the science of biodiversity, from the Natural History Museum of London.

National Gap Analysis Program (U.S.) - A Geographic Approach to Planning for Biological Diversity. Providing regional assessments of the conservation status of native vertebrate species and natural land cover types, to be applied to land management activities.

European Biodiversity Monitoring and Indicator Framework (EBMI-F) - European framework in support of the Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy, providing a platform for coordination of biodiversity monitoring in Europe.

Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment - GMBA is a new Diversitas-network on mountain biodiversity. Invites submission of contributions to the scientific GMBA conference in Switzerland on Sept.7-10, 2000.

Priorities for Conserving Global Species Richness and Endemism - Substantial amounts of detailed biodiversity data exist for the world, and these data can be used to guide conservation priorities. WCMC compiled key data in order to identify areas of high species richness and endemism. (FTP site).

Biodiversity Conservation in the Tropics - Gaps in Habitat Protection and Funding Priorities - Report for downloading. Study makes use of extensive spatial datasets, previously unavailable, to provide a comprehensive assessment of the conservation status of biodiversity throughout the tropics. Priorities for conservation action are identified. (FTP site).