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UK Plant Genetic Resources Group - A technical forum for ex-situ plant genetic resources in the UK. Provides links to plant genetic resource collections represented on the Group with more detailed information on holdings and associated genetic resources activities.

Cryopreservation of Tropical Plant Germplasm - PDF files of the full text of the Proceedings of the JIRCAS/IPGRI Joint International Workshop, held in Tsukuba, Japan, 20-23 October 1998.

Electronic Behaviour Seed Storage Compendium - A guide for genebank managers/curators and other scientists in handling seeds and/or maintaining their collections. Searchable database is downloadable.

Nordic Gene Bank - Plant genetic resources center -- documents on organization, publications, online and downloadable databases, stored material.

The Court of Eden Portal - Website of an international genebank in The Netherlands. Provides information on activities and plants and livestock in the genebank as well as background on relevant policies.

Centre for Genetic Resources, The Netherlands (CGN) - Comprehensive information on research and protocols and CGN's crop collections including European and international reference collections of Brassica and Lettuce. Site has searchable database with option for online ordering of germplasm material.