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Invasive Species Web Site Links

Harmful Non-Indigenous Species in the United States - Office of Technology Assessment report

International Programs News - A look at the particular susceptibility of Pacific Island ecosystems to invasive species.

Big Island Invasive Species Committee - Progress reports and meeting notes from BIISC regarding work in eliminating invasive species from Hawaii, USA.

Patuxent's Invasive Species - This includes study of the ecology of introduced species, developing management strategies. - A comprehensive, online information system that facilitates access to and exchange of invasive species data and resources by researchers, scientists, and concerned citizens. USA only.

IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group - The ISSG aims to reduce threats to natural ecosystems and the native species they contain - by increasing awareness of invasions, and of ways to prevent, control, or eradicate them.

Bureau of Invasive Plant Management of Florida - Administers a program designed to ensure statewide management of aquatic and upland plants and to protect valuable natural ecosystems.

Invasive Species - This NBII section brings together many resources about invasive species available on the Internet.

Fact Sheet - Invasive Species - Ecological Society of America fact sheet about invasive species and their environmental and economic impacts.

The Institute for Biological Invasions - Provides access to a searchable database of literature, links to other important invasive species sites, and monthly exotic species profiles.

Invasive Species Program - U.S. Fish and Wildlife - The mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is working with others to conserve, protect, and enhance fish and wildlife and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people.

Complementary Approaches to Invasive Species management - Suggestions made for modifying the current Weed Acts to make them more useful for the control of invasive species of natural habitats.

Information Management System for Invasive Species - APHIS Raleigh Plant Protection Center. Site has information on noxious weeds, non-indigenous arthropods that have been introduced into North America, and other invasive species regulated by the U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).

Sea Grant Nonindigenous Species Site - A national information center that contains a comprehensive collection of research publications and education materials produced by Sea Grant programs and other research institutions across the country on zebra mussels and other aquatic nuisance species found in the Great Lakes.

Watershed Academy Web - Invasive Non-Native Species - Short primer on invasive species, particularly in aquatic systems, with links to other information. From U.S. EPA.

The Center for Invasive Plant Management - Coordinates activities and facilitates collaboration among the diverse groups involved in research, education, and management of invasive plant-infested and threatened lands.

Invasive Species Fact Sheet - Describes the impact of invasive plants and aquatic species in the U.S., and Department of the Interior efforts to combat their introduction and spread.

Maui Invasive Species Committee (MISC) - A voluntary partnership of private, government, and non-profit organizations organized to prevent new pest species from becoming established in Maui County and to stop established pests from spreading wherever possible.

Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk (HEAR) Project - This document contains hyperlink references to external websites which may be directly or peripherally relevant to the mission of the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk (HEAR) project (University of Hawaii/Botany Dept./CPSU/RCUH).

Rideau Canal Waterway - The Pest Page - Information on the various pests in the region.

Impacts of Environmental Stressors on Streams and Rivers - Including assessment of the threats to aquatic ecosystems posed directly and indirectly by invasive species. An Arizona Comparative Environmental Risk Project (ACERP) Ecosystems Technical Committee Report.

Invasive Species Projects - Information on various projects regarding different invasive species.

Environmental And Economic Costs Associated With Non-Indigenous Species in the U.S. - Cornell University research article.

Exotic Introductions - Chapter 9 of "Biodiversity and Conservation" by Peter J. Bryant. Textbook discussion of exotic species and their ecological impacts, with hyperlinks to other information on the Internet.

Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP) - An international team of biologists, natural resource managers, economists, and policy makers is organizing to prepare a global strategy for addressing the invasive species problems.

Wildlife, Native and Feral Animals, Invasive Species - Daily compilations and archive of news stories from around the world about wildlife conservation, with a particular focus on invasive species and feral animals as a conservation concern.

Invasive Species Links - The Nature Conservancy's national program for dealing with harmful invasive plant species on its preserves.

Alien Species In Hawaii Information Index - Entry point for information on alien species in Hawaii compiled by the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk (HEAR) Project.

Beware of Invasive Species - Document adapted from USA Department of Transportation sources on control of invasive plant species in highway projects.

Harmful Non-Native Species: Issues for Congress - Congressional Research Service Issue Brief made available by The Committee For The National Institute For The Environment which deals with whose responsibility it is to ensure the economic and ecological integrity of the nation in response to multi-billion dollar threats posed by harmful nonnative species.

Nuisance or Invasive Species - Information, reports, and data sets on invasive species in the USA.

Illinois Natural History Program - INHS research projects in inavasive species and biological control.

TEKTRAN Invasive Species Research - Selected research on invasive plants and species by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) from the TEKTRAN database.

Invasive Non-Native Species - Invasive information from the "Eco-Pros".

Invasive Species - Control and Management. 92-97. Technology Transfer Information Center , TTIC - Citations from the AGRICOLA database on various invasive and how the problem was handled.

USGS Research Upsets Conventional Wisdom on Invasive Species Invasions - Article suggests that some invasive species do not displace natives.