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Brown Tree Snake, Boiga irregularis - Resources and links on biology, distribution and control.

Cherry Bark Tortrix - The Cherry Bark Tortrix (CBT), Enarmonia formosana (Scopoli) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) is a major exotic pest of cherry and other fruit trees in western Washington, USA.

Wild Burro, Equus asinus - Notes on the Wild Burro.

Asian Longhorned Beetle Alert - Information from the Michigan Department of Agriculture (USA) on Anoplophora glabripennis.

West Nile Virus Scare: Mosquitoes Spread New Disease - Basic information about the arrival of invasive insect species in the USA.

European wasp research in South Australia - The European wasp (yellowjacket) Vespula germanica (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) is an invasive social insect pest in southern Australia. This site details research into wasp control and wasp identification at Adelaide University.

Gypsy Moth in North America - History of Lymantria dispar in North America, as well as information about its life cycle and ecology.

Exotic Wood-boring Beetles in British Columbia: Interceptions and Establishments - Research results covering the non-indigenous Wood-boring Beetles in Packing Materials and Dunnage arriving in Canada.

Pine Shoot Beetle Project - Tomicus piniperda was first detected in northern Ohio in 1992 and now occurs in eight states.

Workshop: Risks of Exotic Forest Pests and their Impact on Trade - Online international conference includes presentations and discussions on topics including specific forest pests, economic impacts, mitigation measures and risk reduction options, and international standards and regulations.

Area 50 Brown Tree Snake Control - Brown tree snake removal experiment plus reader forum concerning control, behavior and latest research.

Two Invasive Insect Species from Asia - An overview of two potentially hamful insect species recently introduced into U.S. ecosystems: the Asian Tiger Mosquito and the Asian Longhorn Beetle.