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Invasive Plants of Natural Habitats in Canada - The impacts of evasive aliens on Canada's ecosystems.

Invasive Plants of Canada Project (IPCAN) - Thehis project grew out of an initiative in 1991 by the Habitat Conservation Divison, Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) to compile information on invasive exotic plants of wetland and upland habitats.

Southwest Exotic Plant Mapping Program - A collaborative program designed to develop a regional database of exotic plant distributions for the southwest.

BLM Weeds - The Bureau of Land Management's "Pulling Together-National Strategy for Invasive Plant Management".

The Worst Invasive Species - The Nature Conservancy's national program for dealing with harmful invasive plant species on its preserves.

Nonindigenous Plants workshop - The spread of nonindigenous plants threatens biological diversity and the functioning of natural ecosystems throughout the United States.

California Exotic Pest Plant Council - Dedicated to finding solutions to problems caused by non-native pest plant invasions of the state's natural areas.

Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk - Listings and descriptions of invasive plant species which threaten Pacific island ecosystems, particularly those of Micronesia and American Samoa.

Norwalk River Watershed Invasive Species - Common and scientific species names along with detailed information about the particular invasive plant.

Species Abstracts of Highly Disruptive Exotic Plants - Literature reviews on the taxonomy, ecology, distribution, and control options for numerous species of exotic plants at three national monuments in the upper Midwest.

Invasive Species - USGS Biological resources that deal with invasive plant species.

Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council - List of Florida's Most Invasive Species in 1999.

Philadelphia's Invasive Weed Fight - The Patrick Center for Environmental Research of the Academy of Natural Sciences will a 1.2 million grant to determine the most effective way to rid the Fairmont Park system of plants like the Japanese knotweed and the Norway Maple that are crowding out native plants.

The Invasive Plant Council of New York State - A not-for-profit organization that provides guidance on the management of invasive plants with the goal of protecting biodiversity in New York (USA).

Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry - Invasive Species Research Team - Provides new information on the ecology of invasive plant species; on the impacts of invasive species on forest health, management and restoration; especially in the native ecosystems of Hawaii and the Pacific Islands.

Bureau of Land Management Instruction Memorandum 97-130 - Includes U.S. BLM's list of invasive weed species of concern in regions where the agency has responsibilities (western United States).

Idaho Weed Summit - The Spread of Invasive Weeds in Western Wildlands.

Redwood National and State Parks - Exotic plant management of the over 190 exotic species invading Redwood Parks.

California Native Plant Society - Biological pollution and exotic plants. Detailed listing of exotic plants, common and scientific names, types of ecosystems harmed, and current known distribution.

Impact of Invasive Plants - learn about the history of invasive plants, and the impact they are having on Canada's ecosystems.

Invasive Species - And then they came - The story of how different trees, shrubs and herbs found their way into our gardens and natural areas is as diversified as the plants themselves.

Connecticut Policy on Non-Native Invasive Plant Species - State Department of Environmental Protection policy on non-native plant species.

Pacific Northwest Exotic Pest Plant Council - Preliminary listing of plant species of concern. Scientific and common names given for each plant.

Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council - The Council's 1997 List of Florida's Most Invasive Species.

TNC Wildland Weeds Management & Research - The Nature Conservancy's U.S. program for dealing with harmful invasive plant species threatening wild land biodiversity and invading TNC preserves. Site has weed alerts and resources on weed control.

Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council (EPPC) - Most Invasive Species List for 1995-1997.

Department of Transportation- Invasive Species Policy Guidelines - The Federal Highway Administrations directives on implementing the executive order on invasive species.

Influence of Invasive Species on Coastal Plant Communities - Abstracts of studies done on the California coast.

How to Prevent the Spread of Noxious Weeds - Controlling weeds poses a special dilemma because, once a weed infestation is identified, it is often already so large that containment is difficult and expensive.

The High Plains - The threat that invasive weeds pose to the High Plains Ecosystem is discussed.

FON - Invasive Species - How Does Your Garden Grow - Current trends in landscaping have led to a variety of new garden types which include hybrids and potentially invasive species.

Plant Conservation Alliance - Alien Plant Working Group - is a web-based project of the PCA that provides information for the general public, land managers, researchers, and others on the serious threat and impacts of invasive alien (exotic, non-native) plants to the native flora, fauna, and natural ecosystems of the United States.

Eastern Region Invasive Species - Extensive listing of exotic plant species in the eastern United States.

Invasive Species Database Workshops - Workshops from 1997 and 1997 dealing with invasive species.

Invasive Woody Plants in the Tropics Research Group - Global review of invasions resulting in a comprehensive database, an analysis of common characteristics and recommendations for management and control.

Invasive species threaten healthy ecosystems, ENN Daily News -- 5/17/99 - Research article on invasive plant species.

Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network - Guide to Monitoring Exotic and Invasive Plants.

USGS Symposium - Scientists Speak on Rare Plants and Invasive Species at Santa Barbara Symposium.

Hawaiian Alien Plant Studies, UH Botany - A forum to promote public awareness and exchange of information regarding problems associated with the spread of alien plant species.

Eel River Bar First Nation: Invasive Plants Control - Aboriginal Heritage Gardens tourist attraction. A proposed visitor centre and trails will deal with the use of native and exotic plants by the Micmac of the Atlantic, while at the same time trying to eradicate the most troublesome of the sites exotic plants.

VA NHP Invasive Alien Plant Cooperative Project - The Virginia Native Plant Society (VNPS) and the Department of Conservation and Recreation share a commitment to protect native plant habitats from the threat of invading exotics.

MetroActive News & Issues: Alien Plants - The dreaded Arundo, also known as giant reed grass, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

APHIS Web: Noxious Weeds - APHIS has a major responsibility in preventing the spread of non-indigenous weeds into and through the United States.

Invasive Grass Species In Southern Africa - Invasiveness of a perennial soil pathogen-sensitive grass (Ammophila arenaria) and an annual grass (Cenchrus biflorus) in Southern Africa are studied in relation to soil pathogens, mycorrhizal fungi and genetic structure.

Invasive Plant Control, Inc. - Utilizes advanced techniques for the removal and management of non-native exotic invasive pest plants.

Weed Risk Assessment - evaluates the risks associated with the introduction of exotic plants not present, and those recently introduced and considered to pose a threat to agriculture and the environment

Invasive Exotic Plants of Canada - History of non-native plants in Canada, and some of the solutions being used to control them.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' - Wisconsin's Invasive Plants

Invasive Plant Alert and Action Plan - The IPAP addresses the need for actions to deal with the spread of invasive plants by undertaking a contact program with naturalist clubs and other groups across Canada.

Environmental Weeds at Bream Head - A study of environmental weeds found on the coastal fringe of Bream Head and in private gardens at Ocean Beach and Urquharts Bay, Northland, New Zealand.

Invasive Non-Native Plant Species - This is a list of vascular plant species which are invasive into "natural areas" in Connecticut.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - This manual summarizes the morphological characteristics, habitat requirements, life history, and possible methods of control for several common invasive plant species.

How Landowners Can Prevent Invasive Plant Species - Tips offered for the average homeowner, gardener.

Exotic Plants Bibliography - A searchable database providing citations and summaries of literature pertinent to controlling invasive exotic plants.

Invasive Plants: Changing the Landscape of America: Fact Book - Full text of 1998 publication by Randy Westbrooks, USDA-APHIS.

Biological Control of Non-Indigenous Plant Species - Information and research from Cornell University on invasive plants. Information on Purple Loosestrife, Garlic Mustard, and Phragmites australis.

Invasive Plants of Canada - Information from the Canadian Botanical Conservation Network.

Non-Native Invasive Terrestrial Plants in Florida - Descriptions and images of 12 of the most invasive terrestrial plants in Florida.

Invasive Alien Plant Species of Virginia - Invasive species list, fact sheets, and list of native alternatives.

Federal Interagency Committee for the Management of Noxious and Exotic Weeds - Responsible for coordinating a USA Federal Government approach for the management of weeds.