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LIFE - Australia's first WWW Server - Collection of biological information and links, especially the environment and biodiversity, from Charles Sturt University. Includes resources on biodiversity, complexity, natural heritage, and Australian biological resources.

Biodiversity Group Department of Environment and Heritage - Part of Environment Australia. Special programs in various interest areas to choose from.

The South Australian Whale Centre - Privately run tourist center offers three floors of exhibits dealing with whales. They also assist and enhance the research, understanding, welfare and conservation of all whales and dolphins in southern Australian waters.

Australian Biodiversity - Portal for biodiversity reseach, issues and resources.

Biodiversity Sector, CSIRO - Research and capabilities related to biodiversity in Australia's science research agency.

Australian Biological Resources Study. - ABRS aims to document and disseminate information on Australia's biological diversity and foster taxonomic research on Australia's biota.

Heritage Seed Curators Australia - Non-profit Seed Saving organization, of curators, supporters and associated organizations, who want to preserve Australia's horticultural and garden heritage of vegetables, fruits, tubers and flowers.

CSIRO Natural Resources and Biodiversity - Program to study the biosystematics and ecology of Australia's insects and related organisms (including soil arthropods) in order to describe, classify, and conserve their biodiversity.