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Global Network on Environmental Science and Technology (GNEST) Conferences Page - Information about and from past and future conferences on a variety of topics in environmental protection.

Fifth International Conference on the Protection of the North Sea (5NSC) - Bergen, Norway, March 2002. Topics to include hazardous substances, nutrients, and offshore activities.

Ground-Water Modeling Conferences and Events - sponsored by the International Ground Water Modeling Center

Earth Summit 2002 - United Nations environment program information and resources for the 2002 Earth summit for building sustainable development. September 2-111, 2002 Johannesburg, South Africa.

Internet Conference on Material Flow Analysis of Integrated Bio-Systems (IC-MFA-IBS) - On quantitative analysis of material flows in integrated bio-systems, including solids recycling and conversion, wastewater treatment and utilization, small-scale farming, eco-industrial parks, global issues.

Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sites in Arctic and Cold Climates - Annual conference in May, Edmonton, Alberta. Topics include landfills and impoundments, risk assessment, remediation techniques, fate and transport of contaminants in permafrost, acid mine drainage, and environmental impact assessment.

Integrated Assessment and Decision Support - Congress focused on Integrated Assessment and Modelling (IMA) methodologies for the sustainable management of the natural environment. 24-27 June 2002, Lugano, Switzerland

Upcoming Environmental Events - Comprehensive database of Environmental Events,including environmental trade Shows, conferences and workshops, organised by geographical region and technical fields.

Coal Technology Association - CTA is the international trade association for coal technologies. Along with U.S. DOE and ASME-FACT they sponsor the March Clearwater Conference.

Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2002 - TERI is organizing the second Delhi Sustainable Development Summit in February 2002. The Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee, will inaugurate the Summit, which will focus on 'Ensuring sustainable livelihoods: challenges for governments, corporates, and civil society at Rio + 10'.

Scenic Summit Conference - Denver, August 3-6, 2003: A national conference to focus on protecting the beauty of America's landscapes and set a national agenda for scenic conservation.

Minerals Engineering International - Conference announcements regarding environmental issues in minerals processing and extractive metallurgy.

Environmental Protection Subject Group - Events - Listings of past and upcoming events in the U.K., including annual seminars on integrated pollution prevention control and waste minimization.

Map India - 6-8 February 2002. India's largest conference and exhibition on GIS/GPS and Remote Sensing.

Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds - May 2002, Monterey, California. On innovative use of existing or new technologies/approaches to address the challenge of characterizing, remediating, monitoring, and closing sites contaminated with chlorinated solvents and other recalcitrant compounds.

Dubrovnik Conference 2002 on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems - June 2-7, 2002. Announcement and call for papers.

National Ground Water Association Courses, Conferences, and Expositions - Varied groundwater-related topics and U.S. locations.

GLOBE 2002 - Announcements for 7th Biennial Conference and Trade Fair on developing the business of the environment. March 13-15, 2002 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Energy and a Sustainable Planet - March 10-12, 2002, Los Angeles, California. Forum on global climate change, alternative energy options, and the future of nuclear power.

International Workshop on Life Cycle Assessment and Metals - April 15 to 17, 2002. The objective of the workshop is to propose metals related areas for future work aimed at improving the quality of LCA results for decision making.

International Congress -- Environment and Identity in the Mediterranean - Corsica, July 3-5, 2002. Broad scope related to environment in relation to society, identity, physics, and nature.

ISEG2003 - 6th International Symposium on Environmental Geochemistry - Edinburgh, UK. 7-11 September 2003. The symposium will consider the issues of geochemical surveys, analytical geochemistry, geochemistry and health, mining, contamination and cleanup, and archives of environmental contamination.

International conference on fate and effects of pulp and paper mill effluents - Seattle, Washington (USA), June 1-4, 2003. Focus for this conference is the interactions of pulp and paper mill effluents with receiving water ecosystems.

First International Ukrainian Conference on Biomass for Energy - 23-27 September 2002, Kiev, Ukraine.

ITEE 2003 - First International NAISO Symposium on Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering. Technical University of Gdansk, Poland; June 24 - June 27, 2003.

TIES 2002 - Annual Conference of The International Environmetrics Society. Genova, Italy; 18--22 June 2002.

Ecological and hydrometeorological problems of large cities and industrial zones - St.Petersburg, Russia, October,2002.