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Rain Forest Resource - Information on rain forests, school project information, how to help save rain forests.

GCRIO Global Change and Environmental Education Resources - This collection of resources was selected for their relevance to global change and environmental education. Included are a wide range of resources for educators and students at all levels.

90-Second Naturalist - Cincinnati Zoo's 90-Second Naturalist radio program is accessible and much information on the earth's biological diversity.

Environmental and science-related Internet links for kids - Personal collection of links of interest to children.

USGS Learning Web - K-12 education, exploration, and life-long learning. Explore the Earth through plants and animals, land, water, and maps. Learn how Biology, Geology, Hydrology, and Geography can help us understand our changing world.

SPEAK - Supporting and Promoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom - Animal rights speakers's bureau - teaches about Animal Rights and Environmental Ethics Issues in universities, colleges, high schools and elementary schools.

Yukon Bison Hunt - Grade seven students learned about conservation and native culture by participating in a bison hunt. Includes facts about the Yukon Wood Bison, activities, photos, and discussion.

PopEd Toolkit - Popular Education in Action - Environmental Education exercises using popular education methodology. Workshops in ozone protection and sustainable transportation.

Environmental Media Corporation - Design, produce, and distribute media to support environmental education for the classroom and community.

People and Climatic Change - "How Environmental Transformations on the Great Plains Have Affected Human Cultural Development." Educational site for environmental education and anthropology, covering Native American adaptations, the Dust Bowl, and the future.

Recycled Crafts Ideas - Use waste materials to make crafts as not only an excellent way to recycle, but also as a good way to teach/learn about waste reduction.

Endangered Species 2000 - Impressive interactive website about endangered species, including extensive information, pictures, videos, and quizzes to test your learning. Includes Species Profiles, where users immerse themselves and get acquainted with the different endangered species that exist throughout the world. By students, for students.

Virtual House - Interactive site by World Wildlife Fund teaches users about global environmental issues.

Environmental Education Resources - Comprehensive directory of environmental educational resources for all audiences and age levels, from the Center for the National Institute for the Environment

Office of Environmental Education, U.S. EPA - Describes U.S. government programs, including grant opportunities, in environmental education, and lists links to EPA websites for teachers and kids.

Environmental Education - Teacher Resources - List of links to environmental resources on the Internet, for K-12 teachers.

We're live-n-direct - Environmental tips and information written by youth. This site has been put together by young people from the Camden Children and Neighbourhoods Project hosted by South Camden Community School.

EE-Link - Environmental education links divided into categories to provide resources by interest, such as classroom resources, job search resources, and professional development resources.

ECO-PROS - Ecology Protectors Society - Educational website intended for children, with diverse material about ecology, the environment, and endangered species. Includes credible scientific links about wildlife and earth sciences and how to preserve our environment.

Forest, Soil and Water Lab - Promotes disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and education that increases our ability to use and conserve soil and forest ecosystems.

Enviro-Arting - Using arts as a tool to learn about and improve the environment. Schools and community groups can discover how using music, dance, drama, visual arts, writing and media can help save the environment.

Teletext CAMELL Expedition - Teletext CAMELL(Circumnavigating Australia Motivating Environmentalists at Local Levels) is an exciting IT orientated expedition attempting the first ever circumnavigation of Australia with camels.

CEMED - Centre for Environmental Management Education and Development - Conducts conferences and other activities to promote sustainability in business education and support the integration of environmental topics into business school curricula and research management initiatives throughout China and Asia Pacific Region.

Nebdata - Collection of environmental education materials, including diagrams and fact sheets about topics such as "ecosystems" and the hydrologic cycle, news, animal facts, fun projects, and word searches.

Canadian Journal Of Environmental Education - Refereed; published annually. Online articles, subscription information, instructions for contributors.

The Environmental Studies Centre - Describes facilities and programs for practical environmental education or "field studies" on the island of Cyprus. Students visit from schools and colleges in Cyprus, the Middle East and Western Europe.

Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment - Authoritative but accessible information on a wide range of atmosphere-related and environmental topics, including air quality, acid rain, global warming, ozone depletion, and weather.

Virtual Rainforest - Learn about rainforests by taking a virtual tour or watching an on-line slide show.

Taiga Net - Arctic Borderlands Ecological Knowledge Co-op and sites on environment, science and communities. Includes: co-management, caribou, swans, wolves, wetlands, community sustainability, and your Yukon weekly column.

Wildkids Interactive Adventure - Wildkids is an interactive adventure into the wonderful world of wildlife and conservation. Suitable for all ages.

SEEK:Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge - Minnesota's interactive directory of environmental education resources lists events, curriculum resources, learning centers, and other resources.

Fort Worth Environmental Management: The Kids Page - Fun activities, information and links about the environment for children.

Nature Space - Environmental site for young and old by a 13-year old Malaysian environmentalist. Learn about interesting environmental issues with a focus on Malaysia.

Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute of Northland College - Information about outdoor education opportunities, and programs in environmental writing and in support of wolf and loon conservation. Offers curriculum guides and other resources for teachers.

NANA, Inc. - Provides environmental, horticultural, and arts education services to institutions, community organizations and agencies in the Philadelpha, PA, area.

Otters and Butterflies - Highly educational and of value to schools, packed with interactivity, kids section, workbooks, conservation tips and facts about the butterfly lifecycle. Dual site of a local tourist attraction, Dartmoor Otters and Buckfast Butterfly Farm, in Devon, England.

Environmental Education at EnviroLink - The EnviroLink Library contains hundreds of fully-searchable environmental education resources.

FrogWeb - National Biological Information Infrastructure site focusing on amphibian declines and deformities. Adopt a frog pond and join Captain Ribbitt in gathering valuable information.

Tanya's Earth Science Classroom - This website is intended for use by students, teachers and those in general with an interest in science who have a basic understanding of algebra and trigonometry

Environmental Education Directory of New Zealand - Directory for education about the environment including field studies and activities directed at influencing environmental concerns.

Stan Slaughter, Eco-Troubadour - Teacher and seasoned performer who travels throughout the U.S. performing for children and adults at schools, museums, libraries and festivals. Combines innovative environmental education with lively, fact filled assemblies and workshops supported by curriculum resource materials. Website has extensive program information and links.

D's Domain - Site devoted to the education of environmental issues including global warming, acid rain, and overpopulation.

Environmental Education Research - International refereed journal on all aspects of environmental education, with a focus on papers reporting research and development activities.

Wilderness Challenge - Keeping kids connected to nature through student participation, classroom communication connections, and an on-line newspaper, with 5 issues during school year.

The Dr. Wilderness Show - Touring science magic show offered by a non-profit company in the U.S. Delivers an inspiring message of conservation for planet Earth, while teaching science and natural history.

Save the Earth, Piece by Piece - Tips to be environmentally friendly and related links.

Fear of facts - Looks at the recent assult on environmental education by corporations and anti-environmental groups.

Generation Earth Program - Designed for students to understand that their habits and behaviors have a direct effect on source reduction and pollution prevention. A program of the LA County Department of Public Works.

Gigglemoose - Exploring and preserving nature with children, parents, and teachers. Includes related merchandise for home and school.

Clean Air Challenge - Professional development training workshop for middle and high school level classroom teachers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Focus is on ground-level ozone. Free for NJ, PA and TX teachers. Site has links to related sites.

Environmental Stewardship, University of Illinois Extension Service - Provides educational information related to agricultural extension services, integrated pest management, and pesticides safety. Also provides news and update section.

The Center for Environmental Education and Natural History at Miami University - Presents a starting point to explore numerous different aspects of environmental education at all levels. It's goal is to increase awareness of opportunities and events to the general public as well as those dedicated to environmental education and betterment.

Columbia University's Biosphere 2 - Provides a hands-on exploration of earth systems science, policy, ecology and astronomy for both undergraduate and high school students.

Marlboro High School Nature Center - Learn about the ponds, gardens, and sponsors of this community project.

Loons Forever: Writings on Nature and Nature Conservation - Environmental education through nature writing on natural history, nature interpretation, environmental ethics, conservation policy and heritage values, including nature stories, fables, essays, plays, songs and animated poems.