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SGA Energy Limited - Environmental consulting firm of engineers and economists performing studies on renewable energy development, climate change topics, and other aspects of energy and environment, in Canada and internationally.

International Project for Sustainable Energy Paths - research on energy and development policies that reduce carbon emissions and improve economic output

Treating Produced Water by Imitating Natural Ecosystems - Investigation into plant-based approaches for treating salty wastewater brought to surface with natural gas from gas wells.

Environmental Organization WebDirectory - Science:Energy - energy planning, alternative fuels, geothermal, energy conservation, energy efficient housing, heat pumps, etc.

Green Energy Project - Information on "green energy" sources, energy-related emissions and their environmental impacts, and economic benefits of emissions reductions.

Tata Energy Research Institute, TERI - A non-profit, scientific and policy research organization, working in India and globally in the fields of energy, environment and a whole range of sustainable development issues.

Union of Concerned Scientists: Energy - examines benefits and costs of energy use, and promotes energy solutions that are renewable, safe, and cost-effective.

Millennium Energy Inc - energy company specializing in capturing waste CO2 from fossil fuel combustion to enhance oil recovery

Roy's Home Page - Information and analysis on the human and environmental impacts of hydroelectric projects and other energy technology, dam safety, integrated resource planning, and other topics. Includes comparative study of hydroelectric projects in Canada and India.

National Photovoltaic Environmental, Health and Safety Assistance Center - Information and analysis on environmental aspects of photovoltaic (solar electric) technology, including concerns about heavy metals in solder. Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

International Energy Agency: Environment - Policy analyses on several topics related to energy technology and the environment.

CoalBed Methane Coordination Coalition - Wyoming group concerned with protecting ownership and lease rights, preventing waste or damage to natural resources, providing safe working and living environments, and other aspects of coalbed methane development.

Solar Electric Light Fund - non-profit charity which promotes solar rural electrification and energy self-sufficiency in developing countries.

Asian Regional Research Programme in Energy, Environment and Climate, ARRPEEC - Conducting research on energy-environment-climate issues in Asia. Objectives include mitigation of greenhouse gases and other hazardous emissions. Centered in Bangkok, Thailand. - articles, events, software, and web resources for energy and renewable energy.

Energy and Environment at the University of Washington - University course on energy consumption and production patterns, fossil energy conversion and resources, nuclear energy, and environmental consequences.

Avian Collision and Electrocution: An Annotated Bibliography - California Energy Commission compilation of information about losses of birds due to collisions with power lines, towers, wind turbines, and other structures, and from electrocution by power lines.

Modern Dragons: Threatening Global Disaster - Essays on various topics related to energy and the environment. One essay argues that sensationalization of threats from nuclear power has created a public phobia similar to the irrational fear of dragons felt by naïve peasants of the middle ages.

Proposed Guidelines for New Thermal Power Plants (TPPs) Prepared by the World Bank: Implications in the Indian Context - Discussion of potential issues in applying environmental guidelines on air emissions, water effluents, and siting in India.

Western Research Institute - Conducts research and develops technologies for mitigating environmental effects of energy technologies. Includes information on coal, ash, heavy oil refining, alternative fuels, spill remediation, and related topics. Based in Laramie, Wyoming.