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Wireless Worries - ABC news show, 20/20, reported by Brian Ross, of discussion of electromagnetic waves and cell phones. Includes links to position papers from the FDA, World Health Organization, and other organizations and institutes.

Cellular Phone Antennas (Base Stations) and Human Health - Questions and answers about whether cellular (and PCS) phone base station antennas are a risk to human health, from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Cellular/Mobile Telephones and Potential Electromagnetic Hazards - List of links to news articles and research papers about cell phone hazards. Covers articles from the UK, Australia, U.S. and other countries.

Cell Phone Nightmare - Discussion of cell phone health issues, put out by the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health, a nonprofit coalition of unions, physicsians and others interested in safety and health issues.

Cell Phone Technology Killing Songbirds, Too - Speculative paper about how cell phone tower emissions may be disrupting migratory flights of birds.

Rats Dive into Cell Phone Debate - Report of a study done that links memory loss in rats with microwaves emitted by mobile phones.

Cellular Phones, Are You Safe? - Several papers that discuss hazards plus links to other sites with information or positions.

Japan Moves To Determine Health Risks Of Cell Phone Use - May, 2000 news service article discussing Japanese government's position.

Controversy Over Cell-Phone Health Hazards Resurfaces - Jan. 2000 article that discusses and critiques research; from TravelTech.

Electric Words - Scientific abstracts and essays about cellular phone hazards and health concerns.

RF3 - Radiation Free mobile phone headset - Patented Aircom technology eliminates radiation to the head. Headset with no wires = no EMR

U.K. consumer group: Hands-free phone kits boost radiation exposure - Cnn.com story on the possibility of hands-free mobile phone kits boosting the amount of radiation entering human tissue.

Call Safe - How to make a zero-radiation headset -- describes how to make a handsfree earpiece which uses an air tube instead of wire, thus keeping the phone aerial of the phone away from your head.

New Scientist: Mobile Phones - Collection of news articles about research into the effects of cellphone microwave radiation and possible effects on health.

Mobile Manufacturers Forum - An international association of radio equipment manufacturers established to fund research projects and to work on standards, regulatory issues and communications activities concerning mobile phones, base stations and health.