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*RA*D*AR Electromagnetic Stabilizer - Device is stated to be scientifically tested on human blood and proven to provide complete protection against mobile / cell phone radiation and from any form of electromagnetic radiation. It also increases the immune system.

Electromagnetic Detection Meters - Manufacturers of electromagnetic pollution detectors. Assists in determining the safe distance from any EMR source.

Qlink Protective Products - Devices that protect from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Improves sport performance, physical health and study habits.

Anti-Radiation Health Cover - A protective product for electromagnetic fields from a mobile phone.

RF Protective Phone Shields - Cell Phone cover that shields RF Radiation.

MagMed - Offers the RayMaster line of products that may help to protect against harmful cell phone, computer, and microwave electromagnetic radiation.

AlphaLab Inc. Scientific Instruments - gauss meters, electric field and RF meters. The TriField Meter combines all 3 functions for $140.

Detecting And Avoiding Electrosmog - emf-meter/detector/gaussmeter to detect all types of electrosmog in homes and offices.

BeingLight Products - EMF protection products from Clarus that neutralize the effects of electromagnetic fields.

Clarus Products from Sunshine Health - Products that offer EMF protection from computers, cell phones, air travel & power lines. Also effective for sports performance and attention deficit.

Safewireless - A lower radiation exposure from's Hands Free headsets. Radiation shielded leather cases.

RadiationFree - Shields for protection from radiation emitted from cellular phones, mobile and wireless phones.

NoDanger Cell Phone Shield - Phone shield that protects the cell phone user from electromagnetic radiation.

Electrobabe's Electromagnetic Transducers - Australian company that sells transducers to provide unified fields to help mitigate the harm that electromagnetic radiation causes.

SonicFlush for Cell Phone Users - SonicFlush is an audio product designed to help alleviate neurological stress induced by prolonged exposure to microwave radiation from cellular devices.

SafeCells Products - Products to protect against cell phone radiation.

Call Safe Mobile Phone Headsets - Instructions on how to make make a safe headset / handset for your cellphone for $5.00

ARC Shield - A device that claims to deflect up to 99% of the radiation emitted from a cell phone.

Rent an electromagnetic radiation meter - Meter that detects the safe distant from appliances that give off EMR. Can be purchased or rented.

The Aulterra Neutralizer - Homeopathically activated combination of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements, claimed to neutralize the effect of man-made EMF exposure on human DNA.

Electromagnetic Field Safety Catalog - Offers a variety of devices for detecting and shielding EMF.

Zeropa Electromagnetic Field Absorber - Zeropa claims to reduce the symptoms of discomfort experienced by mobile phone users who suffer from headaches, giddiness, tiredness and sensations of heat.

Energetic Solutions - Information on "electrostress," sources and alleged health effects of electromagnetic radiation, dowsing, and related topics. Also offers products to neutralize EMF and electrostress.

STOP WAVES for cellular phones - Stop-Waves for cellular phone is designed to counteract the electromagnetic pollution by using the physics principle of phase shifting.

Wave Shield - Describes and offers a cellular phone radiation protection device.

EMRON: Electromagnetic Radiation Optimum Neutralizer - Technology claimed to render electromagnetic radiation harmless.

Protector - Mobile Phone Case - A protection case that prevents electromagnetic stress of the head from a mobile phone.

Radiation monitor and shielding devices - Testing equipment to measure EMR exposure and reduce radiation levels.

RF3 Smart Cellular Solutions - RF3 Next Generation Cellular Headset is the only hands-free cell phone headset with AirCom technology deveoloped to keep potentially harmful radiation away from your head.

GBM Radiation Protection Switzerland: Healthy home - The (ARPS) Active Radiation Protection System prevents electromagnetic radiation from exerting too much strain on people,animals and the environment.

RF Technology Services - RF Safety Training & Surveys

Magnetic Radiation Laboratories - Magnetic Radiation Laboratories is America's Shielding Source.

Marktek, Inc. - Marktek Inc. Your one-stop shop for EMI shielding, conductive, resistive, and radar absorbing materials.

MuShield Magnetic Shielding - MuShield Magnetic Shielding provides support as well as answers questions to electromagnetic shielding properties and uses.

EMX Corporation - Promotes a protective device to shield against effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body.

ZEROPA USA - Claims to protect users from harmful electromagnetic waves produced by cell phones, TVs and PC monitors.

EMF-Bioshield, Electro Magnetic Fields Biological Shielding - Protection from TV EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequencies) that can become a health hazard.

The Energy Works! - The Energy Works! defines problems and solutions for electromagnetism from cell phones, computers, fluorescent lights and more.

The Harmonizer - Device which strengthens harmonious vibrations preventing external radiation from creating disharmony and disease.