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Fuel Catalysts - International Tin Research Institute work to investigate tin alloy fuel catalysts, claimed to improve engine performance, reduce exhaust emissions

BP Cleaner Fuels - About BP's initiatitves to introduce cleaner fuels to help improve air quality in 40 of the world's most polluted cities.

Reinhold Environmental - Seminars, users' groups, newsletter, and workshops on utility industry environmental concerns, particularly air emissions from combustion.

Canwell Enviro-Industries Ltd. - Specialize in the removal of H2S (hydrogen sulfide) from sales gas, fuel gas, vent gas, flare gas, sour condensate, oil and water applications.

Association for Emissions Control by Catalyst - Information on catalytic converters and related topics, from the international association of European companies making technologies for automobile exhaust emissions control.

Environmental Energy Services (EES) - Fuel additives, advanced treatment systems, gas analyzers, and other products and services for enhancing combustion efficiency and reducing emissions.

Rentar Fuel Catalyst - Describes a patented technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. (Fuel catalyst primarily for diesel engines in trucks, stationary engines, large diesel engine vessels, etc.)

Advanced Environmental Controls for Power Plants - U.S. DOE program to develop new technologies for reducing air pollution and from existing electric generation stations.

Greystone Materials - Offers circulating fluid bed (CFB) technology to clean the emissions of coal-burning power generating plants before they even go up the stack (by burning limestone with coal).

Simple system may curb auto emissions - Article about onboard gasoline distillation, an innovative patented concept to reduce vehicular hydrocarbon pollution.

Compu-NOx - Describes and offers a new combustion control technology that provides an alternative to low NOx burner retrofit for attaining compliance with emission standards on industrial and power utility boilers.