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Teacher Resources on Environmental Health - Curriculum materials, kids' pages, and other educational resources from NIEHS.

Second Nature--Consortium for Environmental Education in Medicine (CEEM) - CEEM's goal is to make the relationship of environment to human health an integral part of medical education.

Earth Dr - An environmental website devoted to educating the public about ways to protect their home environment from entry of surface and subsurface contaminants. Transport and remediation of contaminants in the ground water and soil atmosphere is detailed.

Project Biodiesel - Arts to teach interest and awareness for: alternative fuels, sustainable living, and fine arts renovated communities.

Boston University Department of Environmental Health - Dedicated to teaching that challenges students and prepares them for environmental and occupational health careers; plus conducting research that identifies and resolves environmental and occupational threats to human health; and community-based service.

Richard's Environmental Health Resources - Environmental Health educational resources for medical students and trainee environmental health professionals

University of Minnesota Environmental Health and Safety Home Page - Provides health and safety resources and programs that prevent accidents and minimize human exposures to hazardous agents and conditions.

Science and Technology Center for Environmentally Responsible Solvents and Processes - Environmental health resource from the University of North Carolina and NSF.

Wayne State University Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - Offers Ph.D. and M.S. degree programs including molecular and cellular toxicology.. Conducts research on the short- and long-term effects of environmental agents on human health. Description of programs, facilities, events and services.

My Town's Favorite Molecule - Engineering students in the University of Michigan investigated and reported on environmental exposure and contamination problems in individual US towns, each focusin on a particular contaminant called the town's "favorite molecule."

University of Connecticut Center for Environmental Health - Excellent resource for information on environmental health.

Environmental Health and Safety at Iowa State University - Comprehensive campus health and safety web site. Provide information on biological safety, general safety, ergonomics, radiation safety and occupational medicine.

University of Wisconsin Environmental Health Division - Specializes in analytical chemistry and environmental biology. Provides information and resources on Occupational Health, Environmental Sciences and Toxicology.

Center for Environmental Health Sciences at Dartmouth - Research and education program exploring the relationship between the environment and human health. Information on faculty, staff and research activities.

Center for Health and the Global Environment - The Center's mission is to understand the human health consequences of global environmental change, and to promote a wider understanding of these consequences among physicians, scientists, policy-makers, the media, and the general public.

MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences - Interdisciplinary research and educational alliance focused on discovering which ordinary interactions between humans and environmental chemicals, biologicals, or radiation, are in fact harmful to health.

Flinders University Department of Environmental Health - School of Medicine, Adelaide, Australia provides teaching, research and consultancies in environmental health.

UNM Center for Environmental Health Sciences - An NIEHS Developmental Center at the University of New Mexico researching environmental respiratory disease among Native Americans.

Environmental Cyberschool House - An interactive, web-based curriculum for middle and high school students about the role of biomedical research in environmental toxicology. Topics include lead poisoning, asthma, and genetics and the environment.

Green Living Now - Environmental speaker and writer, Amy Todisco, teachings on how to live a non-toxic, earth-friendly life. Providing one-on-one and group consultations.

University of California at Davis Institute of Toxicology and Environmental Health - The ITEH initiate and foster interdisciplinary research programs in the areas of environmental health and toxicology that cross the traditional boundaries of medicine, engineering, agriculture and the sciences.

Environmental Health and Toxicology Resources - Down load lectures, exercises, and curricula. K-12 programs and educational activities from the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center, University of Arizona.

Teacher's Notes on Measuring Radioactivity with TASTRAK - Extensive information on how pupils and the public and use plastic detectors to study the low level background radiation that surrounds them in their everyday lives.

Healthy Families, Healthy Environment - A Christian educational ministry providing practical information on how families can protect their loved ones from environmental health concerns.

New York University Nelson Institute of Environmental Medicine - A department in the NYU School of Medicine and an institute within NYU Medical Center. Provides information on faculty, research and training. Resources include community outreach, education, and public service programs.

National Pesticide Information Center - NPIC is a cooperative effort between Oregon State University and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Provides information about pesticides and pesticide-related subjects.

New York University National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Center of Excellence - Focuses on recognition, evaluation, prevention and control of the adverse impact of environmental factors on human health. Provides information on faculty and research.

Fundamentals of Mold, Biological Sampling and Report Interpretation - EMLab offers seminar to provide better understanding of the fundamentals of mold.