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Canberra Industries - Manufactures radiation detection and analysis instrumentation. Provides health physics services for industries engaged in nuclear power, decontamination and decommissioning, and safeguards. Headquarters are in Meriden, CT, USA.

American Radiation Services, Inc. - A radiological laboratory and services company providing a variety of cost effective services to both government and industry.

Atomic Energy Industrial Lab (AEIL) - Houston, Texas based company provides radiation safety (health physics) services to the medical, industrial and research community. Services include dosimetry (film and TLD badges), leak and wipe test analysis for radioactive materials, portable survey instrument calibrations, etc.

Radiation Safety Solutions - Radiation Protection Advisers for meeting UK regulatory requirements, such as IRR99 & RSA93, and achieving radiation safety in general.

Scanditronix Wellhofer - Supplier of high quality dosimetric equipment. Products for a wide range of dosimetry applications in Radiation Therapy and Diagnostic Radiology.

DAQ Inc. Health and Safety Consultants - Technical expertise, assessment capabilities,communication and educational skills in Health Physics and Radiation Protection including training, emergency preparedness, process improvement and environmental concerns. Provide expertise in medical error reporting, evaluation and reduction.

Radiation Safety Training - Specialize in training in radiation safety, radiochemistry and related areas. Upcoming courses include Radiation Safety Officer, Decommissioning, Gamma Spectroscopy, Radiation Instruments, Environmental Radiochemistry, NRRPT Exam Review, Transportation of Radioactive Materials and several others.

Thermo Luminescence Dosimetry in Poland - Manufacture TLD pellets and powders for radiation protection and medical dosimetry and a Reader-Analyser TLD system for analysing thermo-luminescent materials. Provide product and contact information.

Glosrad Radiation Protection Service - Based in medical physics department of Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in the UK. Provide personal monitoring with thermoluminescent dosimetry and radiation protection adviser services.

Great Plains Nuclear Services Inc - GPNS provides radiation safety consulting and radiation detection equipment to hospitals and industries who possess radioactive materials.

Radman Associates - Radiation protection advisers to industry, commerce, research and teaching establishments throughout the UK.

Radiation Safety Academy - Provides training in radiation safety, DOT, HAZMAT, decontamination and risk communication. Consulting services including annual audits, license preparation, and waste management. Description of services.

ThermoRetec - State-of-the-art radiation measurement services. Staff of scientists, engineers, and technicians have a background of extensive and direct involvement in virtually every phase of personnel and environmental protection from radiological hazards.

Radiation Safety Network - Provides radiation safety and radiation protection resources for radiation safety officers and radiation users. Information for radiation safety training, radiation safety services, and radiation control/government agency contacts is included.

Homeopathic Remedies for Radiation Exposure - Provides information on treatments in the event of exposure or in cases of radiation reaction or injury. - Provides information and sales of IOSAT anti radiation pills that protect the thyroid during nuclear emergencies.

KI4U - Provides information and sales of potassium iodide that protect the thyroid during nuclear emergencies. FAQ about thyroid-blocking iodine sources.

Why KIO3 - Provides information as to why kio3 and ki help protect against thyroid cancer cause by fallout and radioactive iodine.

Able-RACE-Services - Certified Health Physicists offering radiological services, support and direction concerning nuclear rad waste processing alternatives that lower overall operational cost. Provides description of services.