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Children's Health Environmental Coalition - CHEC dedicated to prevention of non-genetic childhood cancer and other environmentally caused childhood illnesses.

Children's Environmental Health Network - The CEHN is a national multidisciplinary project whose purpose is to protect the health of children as it relates to environmental hazards.

Inches - International Research and Information Network on Children's Health, Environment and Safety. Network of people and organizations interested in promoting the protection of children from environmental and safety hazards.

Partnership for Children's Health and the Environment - National partnership committed to working collaboratively for a more sustainable and effective children's environmental health movement.

Institute for Children's Environmental Health - The primary mission of ICEH is to mitigate environmental exposures that can undermine the health and well-being of children and to detoxify environments wherever children spend time.

The Children's Environmental Health Institute - Committed to decreasing the prevalence, morbidity, and mortality of environmentally related childhood diseases. CEHI identify, develop, and promote solutions to improve children's environmental health through scientific research, environmental education, and public policy.

Preventing Harm - A resource action center on children and environmental health. Focus on the many chemicals widely used by industry and commonly found at home are toxic to the developing brain and can cause developmental disabilities including behavioral and learning disabilities, hyper-activity, attention deficit, lower IQ and motor skill impairment.

Center for Childrens Health and the Environment - CCHE is the nations first academic research and policy center to examine the links between exposure to toxic pollutants and childhood illness. Provides fact sheets, reports, conference and contact information.

Children's Environmental Health - Minnesota Department of Health information to protect the health of children as it relates to environmental hazards.

Canadian Children's Environmental Health Network - CCEHN work to educate and increase awareness of the relationship between the environment and the health of all children. Resources, articles and reports.

U.S. EPA - Office of Children's Health Protection (OCHP) - Environmental Protection Agency site on children's environment and health. Publications, references and resources.

Our Children's Earth Foundation - Work to protect the public, especially children, from the health impacts of pollution in California. Information on campaigns, events and news.

Children's Environmental Health - Project of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment. Provides a summary of the medical and scientific information about environmental effects on health.

Healthy Schools - Work to help Ontario school boards identify, prevent, and remediate indoor environment problems that could otherwise affect children's health and learning adversely. Provides news, searches, indexes and links.

Childrens Health and the Environment - World Health Organization collection of fact sheets and teaching aids, covering indoor and outdoor pollution, parasitic disease vectors, school environmental safety, and other topics.

Healthy Schools Network - U.S. based advocate for the protection of childrens environmental health in schools. News, guides, reports and resources.

Children's Environmental Health - Physicians for Social Responsibility brochures and resources focusing on toxic threats to child development.

ATSDR - Office of Children's Health - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry with specialized information on the toxicology of children. Provides ongoing examination of relevant child health issues like cancer and hazardous waste sites.