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Pennsylvania Environmental Health Association - PEHA is a professional organization that serves the needs of environmental health professionals in Pennsylvania. This site is a link to environmental health issues for food, water, air, waste management, and other issues environmental issues. Includes information on careers, jobs, and current events in environmental health.

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) Cornwall Branch - UK based environmental health professionals.

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (U.K.) - Founded in 1883, an independent organization representing the interests of the environmental health profession. Web site about the organization, journals, programs and library.

National Environmental Health Association - NEHA offers a variety of programs, education, employment opportunities, and various other products and services to those in the environmental field.

California Environmental Health Association - CEHA is an organization of volunteers dedicated to the environmental health profession, which includes the protection of public health and the environment.

American Academy of Environmental Medicine - Non-profit medical society committed to educating physicians on the cause and effect relationship between environment and ill-health.

South African Institute of Environmental Health - Information on the institute and environmental health.

American Institute of Biomedical Climatology - A multidisciplinary professional society which serves as a clearinghouse for information relating to biomedical climatology, and publishes MedClime Currents newsletter and the quarterly AIBC Journal.

Florida Environmental Health Association - Information about the organization and about environmental health topics in Florida.

Association for the Environmental Health of Soils (AEHS) - Professionals concerned with soil protection, cleanup and remediation. Provide scientific, technical, regulatory, and practical information on environmental issues.