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PRO-LAB, Inc. - Offers environmental test kits for radon gas, carbon monoxide, lead, asbestos, mold, pesticides, anthrax and poor water quality. Provides description of services and order information.

eHome Alert - Provide products and services for a safe home environment. Professional advice from an environmental expert on how to protect against invisible killers in the home.

RGF Environmental - Manufacturer of over 500 environmental products. Designs, manufactures and distributes environmental systems that provide pure air, water and food.

Bio-Tek Flood Damage Remediation Disinfectant - Bio-Tek's TEK-TROL is sold for treating flood damaged areas. Described as having unique ability to remain active in the presence of heavy organic soils and hard water. Eliminates odor-causing bacteria and prevents further growth and spread of mold and mildew.

HIS Environmental Services - Offers environmental test kits for lead, radon, mold and asbestos. Provides description of services and order information.

Royal Pest Management - Services featuring a unique termite bait system by Sentricon which eliminates the termite colony. An environmental choice over older liquid treatment methods.

Toxicology Online - Information for businesses, and services for the toxicology, pesticide, and environment industry.

Total Indoor Environmental Site - Allergy free products for home and office. Air cleaners, mattress encasings, chemical free cleaners, all natural odor control, water purification.

Global Encasement Inc. - Coatings for the abatement of lead based paint and asbestos, an alternative to removal.

UV Systems PLC - British manufacturer of ultraviolet disinfection equipment for applications including water treatment and disinfection of air and surfaces.

LifeTrends Direct, Inc. - Provides online sales of environmental health hazard test kits for asbestos, mold and mildew, radon, carbon monoxide, lead and poor water quality with PRO-LAB Test Kits.

Asia-tech Industry Co. - Manufacturer of ozone generating equipment for health and environment based in Thailand. Provides information about products using ozone technology for water and air purification.

DATAS Associates Ltd. - Specialize in providing training and services for professional pest control registration and training, food hygiene registration, asbestos and risk assessment management systems.

Wilco Incorporated - Home inspection company specializing in lead inspection, risk assessment, project design, abatement supervision and licensing in residential and commercial structures. Wilco uses Niton XRF analyzers for reliable lead paint testing results.

EnviroMetric Laboratories - Provides information related to environmental hazards and testing for radon, lead paint, underground storage tanks, asbestos and drinking water contaminants. Inspection services for real estate.

Argus Group - A family of companies providing comprehensive safety, industrial hygiene and environmental monitoring products and services.

Home Environmental - Informational articles on home environment issues. Products for allergy relief, water purification, lead and radon testing.

Home Safe - Information about lead testing, lead-based paint, childhood lead poisoning, risk assessments, and related compliance and worker safety issues. Provide home test kits for lead, asbestos, mold and mildew.

Enviromed: Allergy, Immunology and Environmental Medicine - Provide care for the environmentally sensitive and for environmental illness. Dorothy Calabrese MD, Laguna, California.

TheEnvironmental.Net - Environmental reference source for professionals and consumers. Includes informative documents, contracts listings, and employment listings.

Edifice Rx - Division of Clean Air Company,Inc. Providing IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) and Green building services.

analytico-online - Provide tests for environmental hazards with chemical analyses of water, soil or air. Testing for 200 compounds with results returned in 5 days.

Pro-Lab Smallpox Test Kits - Provides information on the smallpox test kits from PRO-LAB.

Microbiological Response, LLC - Offer full service microbiological, chemical and radioactive decontamination response team. Description of services.

Ozone Technology - Producer of high concentration ozone generators for air and water purification. Description of applications and products.

At Home Health Tests - Provides order information for anthrax test kit for use at home or office.

Byatec Containers - On line sales of anthrax test kit.

Restoration Environmental Contractors, Ltd. - Building and facility decontamination contractors based in Ontario. Site has information on environmental hazards and their abatement, including asbestos, lead, mold and fungus, MTBE, and urea formaldehyde insulation.

Cox Home Health Safety - Virginia based company specializing in radon, asbestos and lead testing of residential properties. Description of services.

Dove Environmental Corporation - Accredited, insured and highly experienced in microscopy. Offers fast reliable laboratory analysis for asbestos, lead, mold and fungi.

Abotex Enterprises Ltd. - Provides facts about lead poisoning and reducing lead intake. Offers lead test kit - Lead Inspector.

Baubiology Priggen - German company offers services, instruments and goods for the consequences of environmental conditions like sick building syndrome and environmental illness.