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A.H. Reppert and Associates - Provide environmental consulting and safety training. Specializing in asbestos, lead, Hazmat and occupational safety.

HMA, Inc. - Consulting services in the environmental health sciences; building inspections; samples for analysis for asbestos and/or lead paint. Web site has information about several indoor environmental health topics.

H2 Environmental Consulting Services - Testing and air monitoring for asbestos, lead and mold. Project management, work plans, specifications for contractors on projects for commercial, residential and schools.

Green Strategy - Lowans and Stephen specializes in advanced and environmentally appropriate design. Cover a wide range of environmental issues including environmental impact, human health and productivity issues.

SBG Consulting - Environmental toxicology services (USA).

LEW Corporation - Full service environmental company specializing in: lead based paint, asbestos, underground storage tanks, soil contamination, environmental site assessments, indoor air quality and radon. Serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and Delaware.

Aquarism - Consulting engineers in water and air conditioning, addressing environmental health concerns such as presence of lead, backflow, drinking water taste, color or odor problems, corrosion, and bacterial contamination (Pseudomonas, Legionella, etc.). Based in France.

Water Quality Consulting - Specializing in incident investigation, environmental safety, stewardship and field monitoring programs. Analytical chemistry and environmental risk assessment addressing pesticide-water issues throughout the United States.

E. A. Inc - Brief description of most major indoor environmental irritants, with links to specific resources. Residential inspection services, and link to nationwide listing of Bau-Biologists.

Sheltertech Corporation - Specializes in site assessment, asbestos consulting and removal, mold remediation and demolition. Services and contact information. Based in St Paul, Minnesota.

ChemEval - Environmental Medicine Consulting - Specializes in analysis of alleged health effects from chemical or environmental exposures. Provides description of services.

SENES Oak Ridge, Inc. - Offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary consulting services in areas related to human health and ecological risks. Expertise in the risk assessment for radioactive contaminants and toxic chemicals. Description of services.