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Arsenic Web Site Links

Arsenic Website Project - Includes online articles, links, reports from eighteen countries, conferences, information on remediation, and health effects of toxic exposure.

USGS - Arsenic in Gound Water of the United States - Publications, maps, and data on arsenic in U.S. groundwater. Links to other arsenic resources.

What are the Symptoms of Arsenic Poisoning? - An article from the Department of Chemistry, California State University.

Med Help - A brief description for arsenic poisoning and the symptoms.

Medline Plus: Arsenic - U.S. National Library of Medicine information on arsenic poisoning with links to reviews and articles.

Arsenic Links - Collection of links to sites about the risks and dangers of arsenic on pressure treated wood.

Chronic Arsenic Poisoning: History, Study and Remediation - Account of the history of the problem, sources of contamination, problem areas, possible solutions. At Harvard University.