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Mercury Web Site Links

Mercury in New England - EPA New England information on the mercury levels in the lakes, streams, fish, fish eating birds and mammals of the Northeast. Links to other EPA resources on mercury.

Mercury Policy Project - Raises awareness about the health and environmental threats of mercury contamination and works to reduce mercury exposures from power plants burning coal and municipal and medical waste incinerators.

Mercury in the Upper Midwest - A Special Report by the Izaak Walton League of America. Examines the extent of mercury-contaminated game and fish in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, the largest sources of mercury in each, and the states policies to reduce mercury emissions and releases.

Medline Plus: Mercury - U.S. National Library of Medicine information on mercury with links to reviews and articles.

US EPA Mercury Web Site - Provides Environmental Protection Agency information, research, technical documents and reports.

Clean the Rain, Clean the Lakes: Mercury in Rain Is Polluting The Great Lakes - National Wildlife Federation report reveals that the rain falling from the skies over the Midwestern U.S. contains levels of mercury that far exceed what the Environmental Protection Agency considers "safe" for water.

FDA Announces Advisory on Methyl Mercury in Fish - Offers advice to pregnant women and women of childbearing age who may become pregnant on the hazard of consuming certain kinds of fish that may contain high levels of methyl mercury.

Health Canada: Information on Mercury Levels in Fish - Advisory to Canadians to limit consumption of shark, swordfish, and fresh and frozen tuna.

National Institute for Minamata Disease - Conducts medical research to improve treatment for victims of Minamata disease (neurological disorder caused by methylmercury poisoning). Provides project information.