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Complete EPA, NIOSH, OSHA and DOE Electronic Methods - Databases for sale with extensive searching capabilities allowing you find a needed environmental analytical method in a matter of seconds.

National Environmental Monitoring Initiative - U.S. EPA project linking large-scale survey and remote sensing information with ecological process research at a network of multi-resource, intensive monitoring areas. Trying to achieve greater understanding of what controls ecosystem health at the regional scale, where resource management decisions are made.

Pacific Analytics LLC - Company offering services in statistics and biometrics. Specialties include natural resource monitoring, environmental assessment, industrial process statistics, and market analysis.

Environmental Indicators: Environment Canada, Pacific and Yukon Region - A dynamic set of environmental indicators on priority issues for which Environment Canada maintains monitoring programs, including ecological, water quality, and air quality indicators.

EMEP - Co-operative programme for the monitoring and evaluation of the long range transmission of air pollutants in Europe.

Alam Sekitar Malaysia Sdn Bhd - Continuous air quality monitoring data and information for Malaysia.

Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking (EMPACT) Program - U.S. EPA program that provides support and funding to communities to provide residents with current, accurate, local environmental information. About the program and past/ongoing projects.

Environmental Change Network - About the UK's long-term environmental monitoring program, with summary database, real-time weather data, information about monitoring protocols, education material, and other interpreted data products.

NSF Polar UV Monitoring Network - Describes the network and instrumentation that monitors ultraviolet radiation at six sites in Antarctica, Argentina, California, and Alaska.

Magprox - Screening and Monitoring of Anthropogenic Pollution over Central Europe by using MAGnetic PROXies - EU project using magnetometry for screening and monitoring anthropogenic pollution in soils throughout Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic).

User's Guide to Environmental Immunochemical Analysis - Technical guidance on the application of immunochemistry in environmental monitoring, including use of immunoassays as rapid field-portable, semi-quantitative methods or as standard quantitative laboratory procedures.

South Carolina Phytoplankton Monitoring Network - Program engaging volunteers to monitor and analyze the status of local waters. Program information and links to information about harmful algae.

Citizens' Volunteer Monitoring Program - Information about water monitoring and related voluntary citizen efforts in Pennsylvania, including directory of programs, tips for volunteer monitoring, and statewide water monitoring database.

A State Guide for Electronic Reporting of Environmental Data - Advice on electronic data reporting, from the National Governor's Association. (U.S.)