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Umwelt-Geräte-Technik Müncheberg - Implements for agriculture and forest economy, measuring devices for dumping grounds, acquistion of erosion processes as well as soil hydrology and pedology.

AZUR Environmental - AZUR Environmental supplies instruments (laboratory, portable and on-line) and reagents for measuring toxicity.

ETV Advanced Monitoring Systems Pilot - US EPA and Battelle Institute project to verify commercial-ready advanced environmental monitoring systems. Technology types include field and laboratory systems, with initial focus on air and water monitors. Soil monitors will follow. Part of EPA's Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program.

ETV Site Characterization and Monitoring Technologies Pilot - EPA partners with DOE's Sandia National Laboratories and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to verify commercial-ready site characterization and environmental monitoring technologies. Part of the EPA Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program.

Poseidon Environmental Services, Inc. - Coliwasa samplers, QC rods, drum thiefs, and liquid sampling products for sampling waste drum contents, etc. Company located in Youngstown, Ohio.

C. C. Lynch & Associates, Inc. - Manufacturer's representative for several makers or environmental and meteorological instruments, primarily in the southeastern U.S. (Sales and service.)

Blackburn Sampling, Inc. - Offers U.S. EPA referenced, patented Coliwasa samplers and accessories for representative sampling of wastes.

CONBAR Environmental Products - Manufactures a complete line of environmental and industrial sampling products and supplies.

Steptech Instrument Services Limited - Provide sales, service, technical support and hire for a wide range of scientific, industrial and analytical equipment

Grimm Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturer of environmental monitoring equipment.

ETI Group Ltd. - Sales, distribution, integration, service, hire and leasing of environmental monitoring equipment for ambient air quality, industrial hygiene and process and emissions applications.

P S Analytical Ltd - A UK based company specialising in the determination of mercury and the hydride forming elements at extremely low levels in soils, sediments and water. Suppliers of equipment to Environmental, Process, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

Environmental Restoration Group, Inc. - Rents radiological detection equipment as well as performing GPS/rad surveys, radon flux measurements, and HP consulting and services.

Gradko International Ltd. - Offers apparatus for economical air and soil monitoring by low-cost passive diffusion tubes. Also tubing for peristaltic pumps.

Talisman Electronics - Independent data acquisition, control and communications specialist supplier. Data loggers for environmental monitoring.

Ben Meadows Company Environmental Products - From soil augers to dissolved oxygen meters -- comprehensive source for products for soil, water and atmospheric testing, sampling and monitoring. Also a wide selection of products for drum and tank sampling plus a complete offering on weather monitoring equipment.

Ivan Technologies, Inc. - Builds trail traffic counters -- electronic devices for monitoring trail use by hikers, mountain bikers, and other users.

Remedios Environmental biosensors - Leading-edge biosensor techonlogy to rapidly detect toxic substances on contaminated land. Also offers advice on all aspects of the development potential and value of contaminated land.

Geneq, Inc. - Environmental Monitoring Catalog - Air and water samplers, bailers, soil sampling devices, flow meters, pH and conductivity meters, pumps, gas detectors, and other products for environmental work.

Envitech - UK suppliers of environmental monitoring equipment to the water and other industries. Labels include Isco-Stip, Isco Inc., Applikon Dependable Instruments, bbe, EauxSys and Challenge.

Environmental Analytical Systems - Canadian distributor for environmental monitoring instruments for air emissions, indoor air, noise, water, dust, and other industrial applications.

HNU Systems, Ltd - United Kingdom corporate home page, provides information about products and services including gas chromatographs, continuous monitors, soil and water test kits, and particulate emission monitoring systems for stacks and vent lines.

ESI Environmental Sensors Inc. - Soil moisture sensors and related instrumentation for agricultural, environmental, and industrial applications.

Aanderaa Instruments A/S - Manufacture of oceanographical, meteorological and hydrological data collecting instruments. View data in realtime from the automatic weather station on Bergen's highest mountain, Mount Ulrik.

Kipp & Zonen Inc. - Manufacturer of environmental monitoring instrumentation, as well as a complete range of ISO and WMO class meteorological radiation sensors and accessories.

Sensor Technology Information Exchange - Online discussion forums and news/events listings for developers, users and vendors of environmental sensors. Intended to advance the development of sensors for use in the environmental field with hazardous waste cleanup.

KVB-Enertec - Produce software and hardware for continuous emissions monitoring systems . Includes product specifications, employment opportunities, and industry links .

Warning and Monitoring Systems International - Offers remote monitoring and warning systems for dams, reservoirs, landslides and other natural hazards using extended line-of-sight and meteor burst communication technologies.

Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment - Manufacturer and supplier of a range of equipment for soil, water, plant and climate research, including environmental sampling equipment for residual substances and chemicals. Based in Netherlands.

Sowacs: The Central Resource for Soil Moisture Measurement - Summary of methods and equipment suppliers for measuring soil moisture, leaf water potential, and related environmental parameters.

Surechem Marketing Sdn Bhd - Malaysian seller and distributor of instruments for a diverse range of environmental and agricultural and sampling and analysis, including soil, surface and groundwater, crops, climate, and sewage.