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Auburn Systems - Environmental Division - Airborne dust (particulate) monitoring systems utilizing triboelectric technologies.

K2BW Environmental Equipment - Custom manufacturer of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) for air emissions, gas sampling system components, and atmospheric corrosion test systems. Also offers service and maintenance, rents instruments, and buys/sells used instruments.

Apex Instruments, Inc. - Seller of equipment for sampling emissions from industrial chimneys and smoke stacks using the US-EPA guidelines. Customize equipment for isokinetic, gas and particulate sampling.

California Measurements, Inc. - Air particle and particulate sampling instruments for research and contamination control.

Air Instruments and Measurements - Developer of gas analyzers and complete systems for environmental monitoring, ambient air, vehicle exhaust and stack gas emissions.

Enviro Technology Services plc - Environmental monitoring instrumentation for gases, particulates and meteorological parameters. Offers environmental instrument rental, environmental software, systems operation, service and maintenance.

Environmental Mechanics, Inc. - EMI is an equipment sales and service facility specializing in air and water sampling equipment. Primary specialty in battery pack rebuilding, from computer batteries to mountain bike lighting systems.

Phoenix Instruments - Manufacturer of advanced technology LED opacity monitors, CEMS for SO2, NOX, CO, CO2, etc. for environmental monitoring of smoke stack emissions. All monitors are EPA certified.

SKC Inc. - Manufacturer of air sampling equipment for the industrial hygiene, safety, environmental and occupational health markets. (Sample pumps, constant flow samplers, calibrators, gas sample bags, VOC-sampling canisters, and more.)

MSI CEMS Systems - Manufacturer of continuous emission monitoring systems, for industries including utilities, pulp and paper, incinerators, and petrochemicals.

Mission Instruments - Markets Cegrit Flyash Sampler that extracts an ash sample from chimney ducts for laboratory analysis. Has been in use on pulverized-coal-fired boilers worldwide for nearly 40 years.

A. P. Buck Inc. - Air sampling equipment for industrial hygiene, safety, environmental and occupational health.

California Analytical Instruments, Inc. - Provide ambient monitoring and sensing equipment, and gas analyzers for industrial and automotive emissions measurement, environmental source emission measurements and production efficiency controls.

WTC Environmental Monitoring and Process Control - Offers a full line of data acquisition, monitoring and control systems for environmental monitoring and process control. Specialty is turnkey systems for air compliance monitoring.

PIXE International Corporation - Manufactures air-particulate samplers for research and industry - continuous time-sequenced PM2.5 + PM10 Streakers and cascade impactors suitable for PIXE, XRF, SEM, and other elemental analysis techniques.

Pacwill Environmental - Offers solutions to environmental testing needs including: source and ambient sampling, continuous emissions monitoring, cascade impactors, and air quality monitoring systems.

VIG Industries, Inc. - Manufacture, sales and service of environmental testing equipment, FID's, NDIR, filters, sample lines, CEM systems, controllers and more.

IN USA, Inc. - Ozone analyzers, monitors, and controllers for gas-phase or liquid-phase process ozone, ozone safety (TLV), ozone leak detection, ozone generators, and ozone monitoring and delivery systems.

Sartec - Environmental monitoring and analysis for water, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and lab services markets.

Airmetrics - Innovative Air Sampling Equipment - Airmetrics provides practical and innovative solutions to ambient air monitoring problems through the manufacturing and support of the MiniVol Portable Air Sampler.

Prime Services Corp. - San Juan, Puerto Rico based company that offers environmental and lab instrumentation with brands such as Foxboro, Royce, Zellweger, R&P, B&K, and Horiba, among others.

Paul Gothe - Products for gas, velocity and dust measurement.

Thermo Andersen Instruments - Manufacturer of source and ambient particulate samplers, industry standard particle sizing impactors, EPA reference method PM2.5 and PM10 monitors and continuous mass monitors.

SASSCO - Supplier of Tedlar, black tedlar, and Teflon gas sample bags.

Zefon International, Inc. - Manufacturer and distributor of air sampling equipment. Products include air monitoring filters, vacuum pumps, gas detection equipment and indoor air quality equipment.

Air-World Environmental, Inc. - Manufacturer of continuous emissions monitoring systems, Stack gas testing equipment and pipeline(H2S) monitors.

Entech Instruments - Manufacturer of canister-based air sampling and analysis equipment for VOCs for industrial hygiene, indoor air, health and environmental markets.

Sampling Technology Innovators - Builds continuous emission monitoring systems and supplies TRS systems that measure many combinations of compounds - SO2, NOX, O2, CO, CO2, THC, VOC, Cl2.

J.U.M. Engineering - Manufacturer of heated FID analyzers for the measurement of hydrocarbons and non-methane hydrocarbons, and oil in water monitors, aerosol-can leak detectors.

Rosemount Analytical - Process Gas Division - Supplier of CEM systems, process gas, process liquid and laboratory analyzers and systems for environmental analysis, efficiency, and process evaluation.

Environmental Monitoring Systems, Inc. - Supplier of sampling pumps, specialty filters, calibration equipment, analytical supplies, respirators, bulk sampling and acetone vaporizers for use in air monitoring.

Markes International Ltd - A manufacturer of analytical instrumentation with products designed to automate and enhance the measurement of trace-level volatile and semi-volatile organic chemicals (VOCs and SVOCs) in real-world samples.

Custom Instrumentation Services Corporation - Designer and builder of continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) for stationary point facilities.

PCME Particulate Monitoring Technologies (UK) - Provider of particle and continuous-emissions monitoring technologies. TuV and MCERTS instrumentation and products.

Monitor Labs - Supplier of opacity monitors, flow and particulate monitors, air quality monitors for CO, CO2, NOx, SO2,& ozone, continuous-emissions monitoring, data acquisition systems and system support.

Eco Physics - Products for measuring nitrogen oxides by the chemiluminescence technique.

Harim Engineering - Manufacturer of air-quality monitoring instruments, meteorological sensors, gas analyzers, and dust analyzers, for air pollution, TMS, AWS, SO2, NO, NO2, NOX, CO, O3, O2, CO2, TSP, and PM10.

DR DAS - Provider of air quality, emissions and meteorological data acquisition and management software and equipment.

KNJ Engineering, Inc. - Manufacturer of source sampling, dust sampling, gas analysis, air pollution, stack sampler, emission monitor, ambient indoor analysers, and cascade impactor equipment. - Paid advertising directory for air-quality products and services including stack testing with useful links to related information.

Air Logics, Llc. - Real-time perimeter monitors of volatile and particulate airborne substances with integrated data management and reporting.

American Ecotech - Supplier of ambient air samplers used for indoor and outdoor research and monitoring purposes. Continuous pollutant and gas analyzers and calibrators for SO2, NOx, CO, CO2, H2S, O3 and particulate monitoring air samplers.

Environmental Monitor Service, Inc. - Seller of opacity monitors, compliant opacity systems, non-compliant opacity monitors, opacity DAS, opacity audit filters.

Environnement S.A - Global supplier specializing in the design, manufacture, and supply of gas and particulate ambient-air and stack emission instrumentation, and water monitoring equipment and systems.

Environmental Systems Corporation - Designs, integrates and maintains stack emissions and ambient air quality monitors and data acquisition systems.