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En Novative Technologies, Inc. - Produces innovative soil sampling devices, including En Core and Terra Core Samplers. Order online. Green Bay, WI

Soilmoisture Equipment Corp. - Manufacturer of instruments to measure and extract soil moisture. Products include tensiometers; extractors, compressors and manifolds; plant water status console; salinity sensing equipment; soil permeability equipment; samplers; and related instrumentation and electronic systems.

Art's Manufacturing and Supply Inc. - Sampling technology and equipment for soil, soil gas vapor and groundwater.

Kel Instruments Co. Inc. - Specializing in soil pH and salinity test instruments.

Best Environmental Subsurface Sampling Technologies, Inc. - Suppliers of soil, soil-gas and groundwater sampling devices that utilize inert gas technologies to minimize VOC loss.

Tiger Probe Geoprobe Services - A geoprobe (direct push soil sampling) services provider serving Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Illinois, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Online estimates available with eQuote service.

Campbell Scientific, Inc. - Soil-water instrumentation. Applications include monitoring soil water content, matric potential, and soil heat flux.

ELE International Ltd - Supplies soil sampling, testing and analysis equipment including soil augers, soil moisture meters for field and laboratory use, soil strength and soil nutrient analysis equipment.

SoilCore, Inc. - Michigan based corporation specializing in invention and manufacturing of soil-sampling devices (corers and syringes).

Perri in Canada - Microbiolumiscan - Offers and describes an innovative portable device to detect biopollutants in water and soil.

Geoprobe Systems - Manufacturer of direct push equipment for sampling and logging soil, groundwater, and soil gas.

Concord Environmental Equipment, LLC. - Manufacturer of soil samplers for agricultural and environmental soil sampling.

Handy Geotechnical Instruments, Inc. - Soil Testing devices, Borehole shear and Ko stepped blade to measure soil or rock shearing strength and lateral soil pressures.