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Southern DataStream - Specializes in monitoring equipment, data collection and analysis for agricultural engineering, water management, and water quality. Products include stage loggers, stilling wells, and data collection units.

American Sigma, Inc. - Manufacturer of open channel flow meters, water quality monitors, wastewater samplers and sewer system management software.

Hach Co. - Systems for water testing and water quality analysis - Reagents and instrumentation for water testing and water quality analysis, including portable systems (test strips, test kits, portable labs), laboratory instruments (spectrophotometers, colorimeters, turbidimeters), and process analyzers (turbidity, particle count, hardness, alkalinity, chlorine, pH/ORP, ammonium, nitrates, silica, and others).

Rickly Hydrological Company - Online catalog of Rickly Hydrological Company, manufacturer of USGS Stream Gaging, Sediment Sampling, and Stage Measurement instrumentation equipment.

Manufacturer of Water Quality Measuring Instruments - Water Quality Measuring Instruments such as pH meters, ORP meters, TDS/Conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen meters.

Sensorex - Quality ORP (REDOX) electrodes and other specialty sensors for pH, Conductivity and dissolved O2. For portable, laboratory and industrial process applications.

HD Supply Inc. - Supplies Hester Dendy multiple plate benthic invertebrate samplers direct from the manufacturer.

Turner Designs - A comprehensive site of fluorometers, luminometers, and oil in water monitors used in environmental, biotechnology, and industrial applications.

Aquatrak Corporation - Manufacturer of liquid level determination for measuring tides, sea state, river stages, ground water, head and tail water, tank ullage, etc. Proven technology characterized by accuracy (±3 mm), reliability, versatility, and durability.

QED Environmental Systems, Inc. - Incorporated in 1982 as a manufacturer of equipment for ground water monitoring and subsequently has became an industry leader in dedicated ground water sampling equipment. Concentrates activities on micropurge and low flow sampling techniques.

Advanced Measurements and Controls, Inc. - Providing environmental monitoring equipment for water quality, hydrology, stream gaging, stage, and meteorology. Includes sensors, dataloggers, sediment sampling devices, current meters, and fish tags.

Environmental Plug - Markets torque locking well plugs for groundwater environmental monitoring applications. Bright colour, large ID lettering, liquid tight, easy to use, low cost and developed by Geologists.

IQ Scientific Instruments - State-of-the-art non-glass pH systems with ISFET silicon-chip sensor technology. A full line of non-glass pH meter and probe are displayed.

McNab Water Monitoring Systems - Instruments to measure conductivity, salinity, and pH.

Biospherical Instruments Inc. - A research-oriented company that designs and manufactures state-of-the-art submersible and ground-based optical instruments for monitoring reservoir water quality.

Marschalk Corporation - Manufacturer of System 1 ground water sampling products for low flow, and pneumatic pumping systems for remediation - since 1978

Hydrolab - Multiprobes and displays for surveys, profiling, remote, unattended monitoring of any array of water quality parameters in fresh, salt, ground, waste waters to 200 meters.

Heron Instruments - Manufactures and sells portable groundwater monitoring instrumentation, including water level and oil/water interface meters.

YSI - Designs, manufactures and distributes water quality and environmental monitoring equipment, temperature probes, temperature measurement equipment, thermistors, CO2 sensors, glucose analyzers, and lactate analyzers.

D-Tec Corporation - Design and manufacture of storm water samplers. Simple and reliable solution for remote monitoring applications. Collection within the first thirty minuntes of flow.

Global Water - Manufactures and markets environmental instrumentation for water measurement and water management, including water level loggers and sensors, water velocity meters, flow meters, water quality sensors, data loggers, meteorological instruments, and related devices.

HydroWatch - Remote water monitoring equipment for unattended monitoring of water depths, flow rates, water temperatures and precipitation.

ESI Environmental Sensors Inc. - Specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of instrumentation and systems for moisture monitoring sensors and systems for landfill closure, agriculture, civil engineering and oil/gas applications.

Bright Dyes Dye Tracing Products - Fluorescent dye tracing products for use in groundwater flow tracing, leak detection, septic & sewer inspections and similar applications.

Solinst Groundwater Instruments - Manufactures high quality hydrogeological and hydrological instrumentation. Groundwater monitoring instruments include water level indicators, level and water quality data loggers, groundwater samplers, oil/water interface probes, drive-point piezometers and complete monitoring systems, including multilevel systems.

EST - Semi-permeable membrane devices used in passive sampler technology for monitoring PAH, PCB, pesticide pollutants in soil, air and water. Sensitive at very low levels.

HydroTechnics, Inc. - Technical information and case histories for the VECTOR: an in-situ ground water velocity sensor and software system capable of remotely monitoring changes in the flow vector.

Gurley Precision Instruments - Manufacturers of hydrological current meters and accessories for open channels, rivers and streams. Products include Price and pygmy meters, digital indicators and headphone sets, support systems, including cranes and sounding reels.

GeoLog, Inc. - Low-flow and micro-flow pumping devices for ground water monitoring. Also offers well-logging systems and pumps for use in remediation projects. Descriptions of product lines.

Topac Conductivity Meters and Probes - Instruments for measuring conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH and temperature.

Instruments Developed by the National Institute of Hydrology, India - Describes instruments for measuring precipitation (both rain and snow), soil moisture, and other hydrologic parameters.

Croft Instrument Systems - Supplies instrments for the pulp and paper industry, including optical consistency transmitters, suspended solids meters, turbidity meters, and color intensity meters for paper pulp, wastewater, effluent and sludge filtrate measurement.

Sunburst Sensors, LLC - Manufactures autonomous optical chemical sensors for in situ monitoring of carbon dioxide, pH and other chemical properties in ocean and fresh water.

GeoInsight - Makers direct push water sampler, small-diameter well devices, and other groundwater sampling and monitoring apparatus.

Westbay Instruments Incorporated - Designs and manufactures a multi-level instrumentation system for investigating and monitoring groundwater conditions, allowing the monitoring of multiple zones in a single borehole. Includes extensive technical information about field applications of the system.

Environmentalpumps.com - Rents, sell and services submersible pumps and related equipment for the environmental and water supply industries. Division of SAIC.

Aquatic Life Ltd. - Seller of a comprehensive selection of environmental sampling and monitoring apparatus. Winnipeg, Canada, or buy online.

QED Environmental Systems - Supplier of pumping systems and equipment for groundwater sampling and remediation.

SIBAK Industries - Manufacturer of unique sampling tools, particularly for sampling contaminated groundwater without introducing turbidity, causing volatilization, or requiring wells to be purged.

Aqua Bailers, Inc. - Manufacturers of high-quality bailers and other ground water and well sampling equipment. Online catalog and ordering information.

TeleDevices LLC - Offers automatic samplers, telemetry, SDADA systems, flow meters and other products for remote monitoring of rainfall, stormwater, and other hydrologic parameters. Includes specifications and online manual.

Arjay Engineering Ltd - Manufacturers of level monitors and controls, ppm oil in water monitors, leak detection and alarms, open channel flow monitors and gas detection systems.

Robin Instruments Ltd. - Suppliers of instumentation for water analysis, both portable and Process (On-line).

Waterra UK Limited - UK based company manufacturing and selling a range of groundwater monitoring and sampling equipment for use in groundwater investigation, remediation and monitoring programmes.

Instrumentation Northwest, Inc. - Manufactures, sells, and rents water resource tools and environmental monitoring products, including water quality sensors, dataloggers, level sensors, submersible pumps and multi-parameter meters.

Bennett Sample Pumps, Inc. - Description, technical specifications, pricing and contact information for Bennett sample pump, reels and tube bundles, used for groundwater sampling.

Dascore Inc. - Manufacturers of modular systems and sensors for water quality monitoring.