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Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change - On effects of increasing atmospheric CO2 levels on the biosphere, with emphasis on studies that suggest a beneficial impact from rising C02. Also educational materials describing how to conduct CO2 enrichment and depletion experiments on plants, and weekly data from current experiments by S.B. Idso and others.

Global Warming Awareness - Student-created site compiles easy to understand/condensed data and other information on global warming, the greenhouse effect, and greenhouse gases.

Coalition for Vehicle Choice - Opponents of the Kyoto protocol offer information and views on climate change science, policy proposals, Kyoto protocol, and impact on drivers and consumers.

Environmental Defence Society Climate Change Page - Discussions of greenhouse warming, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the Kyoto Protocol from a New Zealand perspective. (EDS is a New Zealand NGO.)

Climate Change and Wildlife - National Wildlife Federation - NWF works to protect wildlife from the impacts of climate change.

Science & Environmental Policy Project - Site from Dr Singer expressing skepticism regarding many aspects of global warming.

Friends of the Earth: Climate Change is Real - information and links, especially for activists

Global warming - Public information from the Union of Concerned Scientists

Global Warming and temperature records - A global warming skeptic reviews the science of temperature records and other greenhouse issues, carbon sinks, icebergs, and urban heat islands.

Global Warming - Both domestically and internationally, Environmental Defense works to stabilize Earth's climate by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Global Warming & Climate Change -- American Petroleum Institute - API is critical of Kyoto Protocol and questions the evidence for global change

Greenhouse Warming: Fact, Hypothesis, or Myth? - One man's analysis of the data, by Douglas Hoyt

The Heat Is Online - The website version of Ross Gelbspans 1995 book on global warming science, politics and industry disinformation, is now a website that tracks and updates climate-related developments, including "Extreme Weather Profiles" from 1995-1999; campaigns of deception and disinformation by the fossil fuel lobby; and "solution" strategies.

Global Warming: Focus on the future - Web version of the exhibit "Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast", which was developed jointly by the American Museum of Natural History and the Environmental Defense Fund and which toured the US in 1997.

The Lavoisier Group - Argues that climate change proposals are based on inexact science and would be too expensive for Australia's industry.

The Greening Issue: The Good Side of Carbon Dioxide - Argues that increasing carbon dioxide levels will be beneficial by resulting in increased food production. Calls for research on this topic.

David Suzuki Foundation: Climate Change - The David Suzuki Foundation is a science-based Canadian environmental organization, specializing in global warming, sustainable forestry, salmon farming and fisheries.

SafeClimate - SafeClimate is a source of tools, news, and information for individuals and organizations to take action to combat global climate change. A project of the World Resources Institute.

Americans for Equitable Climate Solutions - AECS promotes ways to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions that are consistent with vigorous long-term economic growth and principles of economic equity. The Sky Trust proposal is one example, along with others that can co-exist with Kyoto but operate independently of it.

Sierra Club Global Warming Campaign - Fact sheets and news items on global warming, its consequences, and measures to reduce its impacts.

Greenpeace International : Climate - Greenpeace has identified global climate change as one of the greatest threats to the planet. Read reports on climate change, follow our campaigns against Arctic and frontier oil development

NRDC: Global Warming - NRDC advocates dramatic reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases in the U.S. and abroad as well as the adoption and implementation of the Kyoto Protocol. Includes fact sheets, reports, and links.

Its All About Time & Place - A Critical look at human culture through time, in response to climate change, ecological and societal responses. Chronologies feature Warm/Cold Events and their societal and social consequences.

Tim Piele's Global Climate Change Undergraduate Research Project - An ongoing record of a student's investigations into climate change impacts.

World Wildlife Fund - Climate Change Campaign - Features information and breaking news on climate change, with a focus on resources and actions...

Global Climate Change Information Center - Focuses on non-linear (or rapid) climate change. Lots of links to reputable articles on the subject.

Global Warming FAQ - Uses reputable online resources to answer many of the commonly asked questions about climate change, including questions on whether the earth is getting warmer and whether the climate is changing.

One Sweet Whirled - A guide to global warming and an interactive map showing its effects. An invitation to pledge to reduce CO2 emissions and to encourage Congress to take action.