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CarboEurope Cluster - A European project designed to better understand, quantify and predict under current and future scenarios the carbon balance of Europe.

Carbon Management Research Needs (U.S. DOE) - Discusses potential for carbon capture/sequestration, biomass conversion to reduce CO2 emissions, and non-carbon-emitting energy technologies (particularly hydrogen/fuel cell).

Carbon Sequestration Research and Development - Report for U.S. Department of Energy reviews status of R&D on combatting global change by sequestering carbon -- in oceans, terrestrial ecosystems, or geological formations, or by advanced biological and chemical means. PDF files.

Carboncorp USA - Developing and promoting carbon sequestration in ocean and terrestrial systems as a technology to help mitigate global warming.

c4c ltd - Offers consulting services in the field of carbon management, emphasizing carbon forestry projects as the most sustainable type of offset.

The Centre for CO2 Technology - Research group (at University College London) focuses on developing break-through technologies for the large scale reduction, removal and sequestration of carbon dioxide. Technologies for methane are also being developed.

Carbon Sequestration in Terrestrial Ecosystems (CSiTE) - U.S. DOE research aimed at enhancing carbon capture and long-term sequestration in terrestrial ecosystems.

Ocean Chemistry of Greenhouse Gases - About Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) experiments on deep ocean release of liquid carbon dioxide and related MBARI research.

Yaguarundi Foundation - Paraguay organization working to save forest by providing purchased land to the local Guarani Indian group. Interested in selling carbon sinks (growing trees) for purpose of oxygen credits banking and trading.

CO2 Capture Project - Describes efforts by seven of the world's leading energy companies to reduce the cost of CO2 capture from combustion sources and to develop methods for safely storing carbon dioxide underground.

The GEO-SEQ Project - Describes U.S. public-private research and development on methods for capture and geologic sequestration of CO2.

DOE: Carbon Sequestration - U.S. Department of Energy program of research and other efforts to develop mid- to long-term solutions for reducing carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere, including sequestration in oceans, geologic formations, and terrestrial ecosystems.

Carbon-Dioxide Sequestration in Geologic Media - Texas Bureau of Economic Geology describes its research initiatives on the potential to sequester carbon in saline geologic formations and abandoned oil/gas reservoirs.

ETV Greenhouse Gas Technologies Pilot - U.S. EPA and Southern Research Institute (SRI partnership provides independent verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation and monitoring technologies.

US EPA Methane Outreach Programs - EPA methane and utility outreach programs are intended to reduce emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

Greenhouse Gas Technology Center - Investigating the performance of technologies to mitigate and monitor greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

WRI: Carbon sinks and sequestration - Basic information and in-depth reports from the World Resources Institiute

The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management - An independent consulting company that provides specialist expertise relating to climate change mitigation strategies and policies to businesses, governments and civil organisations. Site includes information on the role of climate change and the role for carbon management.

Future Forests - A UK company that will plant trees (for a fee) on behalf individuals and companies in order to offset their carbon emissions.

DOE Center for Research on Ocean Carbon Sequestration - United States Department of Energy (DOE) view of techniques for storing carbon in the ocean.

The Royal Society - The role of land carbon sinks in mitigating global climate change - A report that highlights the considerable uncertainty in the scientific understanding of the causes, magnitude and permanence of the land carbon sink. The full report (27 pages) and a summary are available.

International Carbon Sequestration Common Air Project - Describes a Netherlands-based program offering opportunities to invest in carbon sequestration, which are described. English/Spanish.

Land-Use Management for Carbon Sequestration - Study of the potential for sequestering carbon from alternative land-use management options in SubSaharan Africa developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

Fact Sheet: Soil Carbon Sequestration - Frequently asked questions presented by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Popface - An ongoing project that aims to determine the functional responses of a cultivated poplar plantation to actual and future CO2 concentrations and to assess its potential for carbon sequestering.

Climate Care - A scheme that lets individuals and companies pay to offset their CO2 emissions by investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency and other projects that reduce emissions. Also provides background information and practical advice.

Carbon Sequestration in Coal - The Coal-Seq project is investigating the feasibility of CO2 sequestration in deep, unmineable coals. Field demonstrations are being performed in the San Juan Basin, supported by laboratory work to study important reservoir mechanisms.

Greenergy International - A company that helps business customers create revenue by controlling carbon dioxide emissions through Carbon Asset Management. The site includes detailed information on carbon issues, low emission fuels and environmental energy.

MIT Carbon Sequestration Initiative - Background information and details of research projects.

The Carbon Fund - The Carbon Fund is financing and promoting the protection, restoration and enhancement of forests all over the world through carbon sequestration, an important tool in preventing global climate change.

Siberia II - Project Homepage - The multinational study to demonstrate the viability of full carbon accounting on a regional basis using the environmental tools and systems available to us today and in the near future. Site provides news, data and other information.

Delphi CO2 Removal Project - Aims to explore the 'communal wisdom' of experts with various backgrounds regarding the future perspectives of the CO2-removal at power plants. Project is funded by the European Commission.

Trends of Measured Climate Forcing Agents - Paper by Hansen and Sato (PNAS 2001;98:14778) makes the case for an increased focus on methane and aerosols in the short-term in order to mitigate climate change.