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US NCAR Climate and Global Dynamics Division - The National Center for Atmospheric Research's division devoted to climate modelling. Provide newsletters and an overview of their research.

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Home Page - News, articles, data and other information on climate modelling.

Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research - Provides, for the UK Government, an assessment of both natural and man-made climate change. This site provides accesible information on climate modeling and climate change in general, with particular emphasis on data from the Hadley Centre models.

Numerical Terradynamic Simulation Group, University of Montana - Research group focusing on remote sensing and computer simulation of terrestrial ecosystem processes, with active projects at local, regional, continental, and global scales.

Climate Change Prediction Program - A U.S. Department of Energy program to rapidly advance the science of decade- and longer-scale climate prediction.

MIT Center for Global Change Science - Conducts research to enhance our ability to accurately predict changes in the global environment. Areas of interest include Convection, Atmospheric Water Vapor, and Cloud Formation; Oceans and Ocean-Atmosphere Coupling; Land Surface Hydrology and Hydrology-Vegetation Coupling;Biogeochemistry of Greenhouse Gases and Reflective Aerosols; and Upper Atmospheric Chemistry and Circulation.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre - The research division of the National Meteorological Service in Australia.

Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis - A division of the Climate Research Branch of Environment Canada's Meteorological Service of Canada. Site provides an overview of research and information on their models and results.

Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum - German Climate Research Centre, Hamburg. Provides information in English on the Institute and their research.

Japanese Meteorologocal Research Institute - Provides information on their climate simulations and on their current research.

Climate Variability and Predictability Study (CLIVAR) - An interdisciplinary research effort within the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) focussing on the variability and predictability of the slowly varying components of the climate system. It investigates the physical and dynamical processes in the climate system that occur on seasonal, interannual, decadal and centennial time-scales.

NASA Goddard Institute: Global Climate Modeling - Information on climate mdoling studies at the Goddard Institute.

Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique du CNRS - Information (in English) on the centre's climate modelling activities is provided in the 'introduction' link.

Max Planck Institute for Meteorology - Information on climate models and research activities.

UK Universities Global Atmospheric Modelling Programme - Aims to strengthen the role of the UK universities in the vital area of numerical modelling of the large scale atmosphere.

Project to Intercompare Regional Climate Simulations (PIRCS) - PIRCS is an international program to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of regional climate models by comparing how well these models are able to simulate present-day climate.

Climate Prediction.Com - Aims to harness the power of PCs in homes and businesses to predict the climate of the 21st century. Individuals can register to take part when the experiment starts (likely sometime 2001).

Experimental Climate Prediction Center - Information and long term predictions from the climate division of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego.