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Desertification Web Site Links

Deserts and Desertification - Brief introduction to desertification, including causes and effects.

Desertification - FAO website on the topic, with technical and scientific data and information available at FAO, plus internet links. Site available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish languages.

Desertification and Drought - Internet links to sites related to desertification, maintained by University of Arizona.

The Sahara and the Sahel Observatory (OSS) - Details about mission, objectives and structure of OSS, an organization striving to build up an African arena for cooperation and exchange to combat desertification and poverty. Available in English and Freanch.

Adaptive Strategies for Sustainable Livelihoods in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs) Project - Description of ASALs Project in Africa, along with outputs, findings, significance and bibliography.

Beijing's Desert Storm - Article and photos describe desertification in China, where the desert is on the move. With dunes already 75 kilometers from Beijing, environmentalists fear the sand could swallow the capital in a few years.

United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification - Provides access to the official documents maintained or received by the UNCCD Secretariat and is a general source of information on the topic of desertification for the interested public.

The Land Degradation and Desertification Website - International Union of Soil Sciences working group site offers conference reports, technical papers and links to other organizations.

Selected Internet Resources on Desertification - Information about intergovernmental organizations, national/regional activities,non-governmental organizations in the field of desertification. Also related reports/news/information sources.

Web Resources on Desertification - Links to web sites providing information on desertification worldwide.

Desertification: Monitoring & Forecasting - Text and video reports about remote monitoring in the arid southwest region of United States. General details about desertification, forcasting, desert plants and a photo gallery is also there.

Desertification Information Network - The objective of the network is to provide data and information services on the subject of desertification, particularly in African and the Mediterranean basin.

UNDP Dryland Web - Office to Combat Desertification and Drought (UNSO) - Works in the overall framework of UNDP's sustainable human development mandate to support dryland development and the implementation of the CCD.

Desertification: Serious Threat or Global Myth - A paper that looks at the implications of desertification on less developed countries.

Medalus - Programme on Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use - Information about international project, funded by the European Union, to investigate the effects of desertification on land use in Mediterranean Europe.

Drylands: Bright Edges of the World - Smithsonian Institution electronic exhibit about deserts and other arid and sub-humid environments, emphasizing desertification and other degradation and its consequences.