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Long Term Sea Level Change - Data and figures providing information on global sea level changes provided by tide gauge data and by the TOPEX/Poseidon satellite. From the Center for Space Research, University of Texas.

British Antarctic Survey - Climate Change - An introduction to the relationship between the Antarctic ice cap and global climate change, as well as a regularly updated position statement on the latest science.

US NSIDC - State of the Cryosphere - Accurate information on the status of the world's snowfall, sea ice, permafrost and mountain glaciers. From the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Natural Signs of Climate Change - Lists recent observations -- of glaciers, of the timing of biological events, and other natural phenomena -- that show our climate is changing, with links to additional information.

The Unaami Data Collection: Quantifying Arctic Change - Over 85 multidisciplinary time series representing pan-Arctic change over the last 25 years

US Environmental Health Information Service - Global Warming - Online versions of reports into the likely impact of climate change on health

IPCC - Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability - The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's group concerned with assessing the scientific, technical, environmental, economic and social aspects of the vulnerability (sensitivity and adaptability) to climate change of, and the negative and positive consequences for, ecological systems, socio-economic sectors and human health, with an emphasis on regional sectoral and cross-sectoral issues.

Global Warming Map: Early Warning Signs - Map illustrates the observed consequences of global warming, as indicated by periods of unusually warm weather, coastal flooding, and changes in glaciers and polar regions.

Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems (GCTE) project - Information from an International Geosphere-Biosphere Program (IGBP) core project for research on terrestrial ecosystem responses to rising carbon dioxide levels, climate change, and other perturbations.

Climate Change and Human Health Integrated Assessment Web - This site provides information about the potential impacts of climate change through integrated assessment to support policy development and analysis.

AIMS - Coral Bleaching Index - The Australian Institute of Marine Science provides up to date and comprehensive information on the status of the World's corals.

Global Sea Level Change: Determination and Interpretation - Full text of a detailed report published by the American Geophysical Union.

Polar Science Center - Thinning of Arctic Ice - A report of work at the Polar Science Center on the comparison of sea-ice draft data acquired on submarine cruises between 1993 and 1997 with similar data acquired between 1958 and 1976.

ACACIA - A Consortium for the Application of Climate Impact Assessments - Uses the best available scientific tools and knowledge to answer the climate-related questions of sponsors from the industrial, business and policy communities.

US National Institute for Global Environmental Change - News highlights, publications, initiatives and links to regional centers. Established by the U.S. Congress House of Representatives and the Senate, the center's mission is to assist the nation in its response to human-induced influence on the environment.

Global Warming and Hurricanes - Research into the likely effects of global warming on worldwide hurricane activity in the 21st century.

Sea Surface Temperatures - Graphical presentation of satellite-derived sea surface temperatures. Also includes coral bleaching hotspot charts. From the US Government's NOAA ORA/OSDPD Coral Reef Team.

The Rainforest in Brazil - Climate Kaleidoscope - News and information on how our climate is changing, how tropical rain forests interact with climate, and how scientists are studying them today. Hosted by the National Museums of Scotland.

NAS: Abrupt Climate Change - Inevitable Surprises - Detailed report on the mechanisms and possibility of rapid climate change, including the potential link with greenhouse warming.

Catastrophic weather and climate change. - Background information for a course on the subject, it addresses the causes of hurricanes etc, and examines the relationship with climate change. Provided by Gary Lash, Fredonia State University College.

Polar Meteorology: Climate Change Interactive - Information on how climate change affects the polar regions, including an online, interactive climate model and a quiz.

Temperature Trends: Surface (CRU) - Surface temperatures as derived from land and sea surface temperature anomolies, from the Climate Research Unit, Norwich, UK.

Temperature Trends: Atmospheric (Satellite MSU) - Interactive tool showing satellite observations of regional and global trends in the lower troposphere and stratosphere. From the Global Hydrology and Climate Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

UK Climate Impacts Programme - Responsible for assessing the linkely impacts of climate change on the UK's environment and economy. Includes on-line publications and newsletters.

Temperature Trends: Surface (GISS) - Surface temperature trends based on the Global Historical Climate Network and analysed by NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

Global Historical Climatology Network - A comprehensive global surface baseline climate data set designed for monitoring and detecting climate change. Provides surface station observations of temperature, precipitation, and pressure on a monthly basis.

Mercury Rising: Bearing Witness to Climate Change - In-depth photo-documentary production exploring the subject of global climate change. Site includes a 12-day expedition in the Monteverde Cloud Forest of Costa Rica with journalits and scientists.

US EPA: Sea Level Rise Reports - Federally funded assessments of the impacts of sea level rise, with a focus on what people should do today to prepare for the consequences.

Climate Change Linked to Civilization Collapse - National Geographic News story about the hypothesis that past climate variations led to the collapse of civilizations, with speculation on the implications for our society's future.

U.S. National Assessment - The Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change - Intended to provide a detailed understanding of the consequences of climate change for the U.S. and to examine the possible coping mechanisms that exist to adapt to climate change.

Arctic Climate Impact Assessment Project - An international project of the Arctic Council and the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), to evaluate and synthesize knowledge on climate variability, climate change, and increased ultraviolet radiation and their consequences.