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NCE TurboClean for Solid Waste Treatment - Manufactures the TurboClean Thermal Oxidizer for the onsite elimination of many types of solid and liquid waste though a smokeless, patented oxidation process. Including Medical and agricultural wastes, and items that require total destruction for security purposes. Small footprint, turnkey, skid mounted system including sophisticated, but easy to operate control system. Mobile units available.

Chemical Solutions International - Chemical products for use in environmental remediation.

Triumvirate Environmental - A full-service environmental firm specializing in hazardous waste management and remediation for higher education, healthcare and manufacturing. Somerville, Massachusetts, USA.

Forrester Environmental Services, Inc. - Providing hazardous waste stabilization technologies and remedial services for Lead (Pb) and other heavy metals to industries throughout the world.

Chemical Inventory - Provides companies with barcoded database inventory, assessments, and remediations for hazardous waste.

Con-Quest Hazardous Waste Containers and Management - Fibreboard containers for cost effective transport of chemical and hazardous materials.

Precision Environmental Company - Provides selective demolition and environmental services, including asbestos and lead abatement, hazardous waste remediation, indoor air quality, and floor/surface preparation.

The Westford Chemical Corporation - Manufacturers of chemicals for in situ remediation of hydrocarbon contamination.

A.Q. Environmental - Specialize in asbetsos removal, demolition, fire-proofing, lead abatement, environmental consulting and other related services.

Team-1 Environmental Services - Clean-up of spills and toxic chemicals as well as training on environmental issues and rescue. Offers services throughout North America.

OnSite Technology LLC - Indirect Thermal Desorption Series 6000 system removes and recycles hydrocarbons to clean contaminated materials and remediate of various media.

Recicladora Temarry de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. - Temarry offers hazardous waste recycling for both American and Mexican companies. Specialty is solvent recovery by distillation.

Hazardous Material Packaging - Designed to meet or exceed most regulatory requirements for hazardous material transportation domestically and internationally, HAZMATPAC specializes in manufacturing and distribution of United Nations Certified containers for the transportation of hazardous materials by air, ground and water.

TD*X Associates - Develops treatment and remediation technology for highly hazardous wastes including PCBs, dioxins, mercury and radioactive materials. Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA.

Sutcliffe Croftshaw Limited - Designers and manufacturers of Carbon Adsorption and Biological Systems for treating liquid and gaseous VOC wastes, odor control, and other purposes. Site includes technology descriptions.

Great Western Liner Co - Serving the Western United States. PVC's, HDPE, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. Custom linings for primary or secondary containment of waste. Professional installations by Field Lining Systems, Inc.

Albax Inc. - U.S. manufacturer of caulked, gasketed, recessed chamber filter press cloths.

Liquid Samplers - A new liquid sampling method used to collect representative samples from drum, tanks, etc. Similar to a coliwasa, but provides for greater safety and quality. RCRA and ASTM approved.

Ambar Environmental - Line of oil skimmer systems and sorbents for the recovery of free oil and other hydrocarbons for industry and the environment.

Sogefibre - Production and manufacturing of concrete containers for radioactive or hazardous waste.

Schrader Environmental Systems - Used and rental remediation equipment, including soil vapor extraction equipment, catalytic oxidizers, air strippers, oil water separators, and carbon adsorption systems.

Texas Environmental Plastics - Supplier of geomembranes, piping, and other plastic products for environmental applications.

Rapid Sampling Tools - Describes new technology for rapidly sampling from containers without releasing the contents to the environment.

Schrader Environmental - Remediation Equipment Technologies - Assistance with remediation equipment for applications such as carbon adsorption, soil vapor extraction, air strippers, UV-enhanced oxidation, catalytic oxidizers, oil/water separators. Used and rental equipment.

PCB Disposal Inc. - Information about the capabilities of a full-service PCB management and destruction company in Ontario.