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Eco-Tron, Inc. - Ohio-based company specializing in the management and transportation of hazardous and industrial wastes, from "dig and haul", drum consolidations, contaminated groundwater, lagoon and sludge evacuation, pickling acids, lab packs, to a myriad of other daily ongoing waste management needs.

Groundwater and Environmental Services - Provides environmental assessment and remediation services, especially for soil and groundwater contaminants. Offices throughout the Eastern United States.

Enpro Services Inc - Services in hazardous material management and remediation, emergency response, and transportation. 24-hour response capabilities. Massachusetts.

Hepaco - Specializes in spill response, other environmental emergency clean-up, and hazardous materials remediation. Locations throughout the United States.

OP-TECH Environmental Services - Complete environmental remediation, asbestos and lead abatement, emergency spill response, hazardous waste disposal, PCB decontamination and plant decommissioning.

Environmental Remediation Specialists, Inc - Full service environmental company providing emergency response to hazardous material, HAZMAT, spills, accident and disaster cleanup, cargo recovery, and waste site cleanup. Service area: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, and Kansas.

Charter Environmental, Inc. - A minority and disadvantaged business enterprise providing waste management and environmental contracting services (contaminated soil excavation and disposal, facility decontamination, and groundwater treatment) to the construction and environmental industry.

Environmental Protection Engineering S.A., Greece - Industrial hazardous waste response and management services. EPE's Waste Management Department is a pioneer in Greece in the field of hazardous waste. Offering reliable services complying with Greek and E.U. Legislation in the area of environmental protection.

CWDS Pty Ltd - Company speciallising in the management of hazardous waste. Services include transportation, storage, handling of hazardous waste, as well as consulting and training services in hazardous materials. Australia.

Global Technologies - Subsurface remediation services, supplying extraction systems and thermal and catalytic oxidation systems for use on remediation sites on four continents. Site provides descriptions of remediation technologies.

Petrochemical Services, Inc. - Specializing in manual and robotic tank cleaning and waste management services. Provides waste reduction, oil recovery, and waste processing services.

Bennett Environmental Inc. - Offers thermal treatment technologies for the remediation of soil contaminated with PCBs and other chlorinated organics.

Tri County Industries, Inc. - Removal and installation of UST and AST oil & gasoline tanks; hazardous waste management; 24 hour spill response; contaminated soil removal and disposal in MD, DC & VA.

Fiton Technologies Corp. - Hazardous waste cleanup by biocatalysis (includes bioremediation) of organic and inorganic wastes such as Petroleum, PCB and Acid Mine Drainage.

Sunpro - Services include 24-hour emergency response, facility decontamination and restoration, soil excavation, transformer maintenance and repair, transformer retrofills and retrofits, and PCB liability management. North Canton, Ohio.

Continental Remediation Systems, Inc. - Systems and services for soil and groundwater remediation. Cost-effective steam stripping reduces remediation time to a few weeks and reduces cost 1/5 to 1/3 of traditional methods. Based in Massachusetts.

Triad Industries, Inc. - Environmental services contractor offering tank cleaning, waste site remediation, demolition services to the petrochemical industry, and related services. USA.

HP Envirovision - Experienced licensed environmental contractor providing asbestos abatement, lead paint removal, fluorescent light disposal and related hazardous waste servvices. Texas.

Dillard Environmental Services - California firm offering a variety of professional aid including, but not limited to, transportation, hazardous waste packaging and management, excavation and loading services and emergency response services.

Microseeps, Inc. - Consultants offering site investigation, and remedial design services. Have expertise in environmental chemistry and development of innovative remediation solutions. Also have an analytical laboratory. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

All Coast Waste Management - Asbestos removal and other building and soil remediation services in California.

Advanced Environmental Contractors, Inc. - Offering environmental remediation and sludge stabilization, plant closures, facility decontaminations, UST removals, landfill construction and site development earthwork. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Envirox LLC - Company specializing in the in situ chemical oxidation of complex contamination sites, using permanganate.

Enviro-Vac Environmental Contractors - Contractors for asbestos removal, PCB removal, hazardous waste removal and contaminated buildings. Vancouver, Canada

Project Resources Inc. - Describes capabilities in environmental remediation, facilities management, and construction services. Several locations around the U.S.

Midwest Environmental Services - Describes company's services in the area of waste site remediation, including bioremediation for the natural cleanup of contamination. Several locations in the Ohio Valley.

Action Environmental Group - Describes capabilities in hazardous waste clean-up and environmental remediation for asbestos, lead paint, chemicals, air quality, soil contamination. Also offers general hazardous materials management services. (Wantagh, NY)

T.W. Contracting, Inc. - California firm describes its capabilities in heavy construction, environmental remediation, demolition or mining support services, and offers turn key project services.

LVI Environmental Services Inc. - Describes capabilities to provide environmental remediation (lead and asbestos) and demolition services throughout the U.S. Corporate headquarters in New York, NY with 20 branch offices located in AZ, CA, CO, IL, MA, MD, MI, MN, NJ, NV, OK, PA & TX.

Nelson Clark Remediation, Inc. - Wyoming firm describes its capabilities in oil spill cleanup, emergency spill response, and underground storage tank leak repair and maintenance.

Biogénie - Specialists in the remediation of contaminated sites, with offices in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and France. Site provides case histories of cleanups of several different types of contamination.

Cliff Berry Inc. - Florida company describes its capabilities and services in hazardous waste remediation, recycling, industrial maintenance and hazmat certification training classes.

Advanced Environmental - Specializes in the removal, installation and cleaning of both underground and above ground oil-tanks, including contaminated soil remediation. Based in White Plains, NY, USA.