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Biotek Labs, Inc. - Manufacturers of microbial products for environmental bioremediation, composting, and waste treatment.

Industrial Ecosystems Inc. - Products and services for bioremediation and bioconversion of petroleum hydrocarbons. [Site requires Flash plugin] - Manufactures biostimulants for rapid remediation in residential and municipal wastewater, grease traps and hydrocarbon contamination of marine and soil environments.

BioSolve Group - Water based, biodegradable products for environmental applications in oil and gas emergency response.

Integra Environmental, Ltd. - Patented bioremediation products.

Enzyme Technologies - Offers bacteria and enzyme-enhanced bioremediation for a variety of environmental contaminants, including petroleum, MTBE and PAHs.

Alabaster Environmental Corp. - Manufactures an extensive line of bioremediation products for hydrocarbon remediation.

eGeo Services, Inc. - Biological remediation specialists currently remediating soil and groundwater at sites in various soil matrices in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Envirosales - Products that bio-remediate hydrocarbon based contamination from soil, water, concrete, and other surfaces.

Bio+Remedy - Offers in-situ technology using proprietary microbial cultures and oxygen enhancement in the remediation of MTBE and TBA in groundwater. List of patents, technical papers, research and actual projects. Contact information and description of "biobarrier" technology.

Bugs+Plus Bioremediation Products - Technical and ordering information for a microbial product for use with hydrocarbon-contaminated soil and groundwater.

Microbial Technologies, Inc. - Environmental consulting firm that assesses hazards from polluted water, soil, and sediments, and develops biologically based treatment systems for their remediation. Information about technologies and capabilities.

EnviroMonde Spilltech - Offers biological products to degrade, degrease and clean hydrocarbons from surfaces, water and soil.

United-Tech, Inc. - Offers all-natural bacteria and enzyme products to solve a myriad of waste control problems.

Planteco Environmental Consultants - Offers services with in-situ technologies, including phytoremediation, natural attenuation, and artificial wetlands. Expertise includes environmental permitting, laboratory analysis, and field sampling. Athens, Georgia.

Bioremediation Consulting, Inc. - Offers microbiological and analytical laboratory services for environmental and engineering companies conducting bioremediation of sites contaminated with chlorinated solvents, petroleum and coal tar. Describes capabilities in laboratory investigation of natural attenuation, microcosm sudies, and contaminant analysis.

Agri-Cultures International - Markets a patented microbial culture that fixes nitrogen, eliminates nitrites, and bioremediates dangerous pollutants in soils and ground waters.

Energy Resource Institute - California firm offers engineering, construction, placement, and startup of biological remediation and treatment systems. Applications described include treatment of MTBE contaminated groundwater and conversion of wet chemical scrubbers to more economical biotrickling filtration.