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Assessment Tools Web Site Links - Free Life Cycle Assessment on the Internet - Uses 1992 input-output table of US economy to show economic and environmental effects of producing 500 commodities. Environmental impacts of production are expressed in terms of Conventional Pollutants, Greenhouse Gases, Toxic Chemicals, and other releases.

Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA) - Free software that incorporates tools from environmental assessment fields into an effective problem solving environment. Tools include integrated modules for visualization, geospatial analysis, statistical analysis, human health risk assessment, cost/benefit analysis, sampling design, and decision analysis.

Envest : Green Building Design Software - Software tool for estimating the lifecycle environmental impacts of a building from the early design stage. Considers the environmental impacts of: materials used during construction; resources consumed over the building's life.

GREAT-ER - Geography-Referenced Exposure Assessment Tool for European Rivers - Publicly available (free) GIS-based software tool for environmental risk assessment and management of chemicals in river basins. Information about the model, its validation and calibration, and applications to date. Request a copy or download manuals, updates, and other materials.

SimaPro Life Cycle Assessment software - A tool to perform professional life cycle assessment (LCA) studies. It comes with a large database and a number of impact assessment methods.

EIAxpert: rule-based screening-level EIA - Expert system software for environmental impact assessment. Intended for pre-feasibility screening evaluations. Environmental Software and Services GmbH.

Ecoscan - Fast and easy life cycle assessment tool for designers, providing single figure Eco-indicators. Supported by TNO Industrial Technology in The Netherlands. Product information and downloadable demo.

LCAiT - Software for life cycle assessment -- calculating the environmental performance of products, services, and organisations. "Light" version can be downloaded free.